What To Get Your Friends Who Have Everything

What To Get Your Friends Who Have Everything

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What to get your friends who have everything is the question on some of your minds, right? You have those friends who seem to have it all, so what do you get these friends? Shopping for these type of friends can be tasking because you are not sure what to get them that they don’t have while being mindful of your budget. There are so many uniques things to get your friends who have everything. Do you have that friend or friends who have everything or have expensive taste but you don’t know what to get them? If you happen to find yourself in this situation, I have got you covered. When it comes to shopping for friends who have it all, think about memorable items, experienced gift items or look for items that are fun, unique and sentimental to their life. Also, these friends don’t mind add more to what they already have especially if it a favorite theirs or item that can potentially run out like candles (I am slightly partial to Jo Malone and Diptyque candles), perfume or beauty products.

As much as these friends might have everything, there are thing that they use on a daily basis that will make  great gifts such as one of a kind perfume like this Cartier Perfume or Baccarat Rouge perfume. These perfumes are on the pricer side, but the scent is very unique especially Baccarat 540. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making a purchase: Does your friend love hosting family/friends and home decor? Are they home buddies, gym fanatics, a traveler? If so, check out these stores Pottery barn, Wayfair, Macys, World Market and Crate and Barrel for hostess and home decor items. This floral platecheck kettle, candleholders, Jo Malone candles, and coffee books are some great items for your hosting and home decor loving friends. For the home buddy friend, check out these lounge wears and comfy faux fur slippers. For that traveler friend of yours, Mark & Graham has monogrammed items such as passport holder and monogram cosmetic bag.

Another great gift for get her is cute AirPods case. Urban Outfitter has amazing fun AirPods case. This smiley face case will bring some cheer to a friend’s face. It’s the little things that matter. For that friend that loves to to workout, you can’t go wrong with cute sports gearswork out gears and this motivational water bottle. I love ‘Alo’ pants and Girlfriend Collective workout clothes. For that fashion lover friend, coffee table books are great.




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