What To Do While Social Distancing


It has been a week since I started working from home due to social distancing amid COVID-19. How’s everyone doing? Whether you are social distancing or self quarantined at home for the past few days, you are probably struggling on fun things to do or what to do in general and how to get by each day. To be honest, this new normal has not been the easiest time for me and I am sure a lot of you can relate. I have alway been able to handle my 9 to 5, blogging and family life well enough, but this new situation is quite different because now I have to homeschool Nolan’s while maintaining a regular 9 to 5 work schedule, blogging, catering to the Nova/family and myself. With that said, I have come up with what to do while social distancing that’s fun.


5 Things to Do While Social Distancing


  1. Organization: This is a a great time clean out and organize your closet and bring your spring favorites. Also, you can use this time to organize your work space and make it look cozy for working form home. I am yet to completely clean my closet because my closet was a total hot mess. I need to declutter more and then organize. I bought these hangers to get me started and this rack. Hopefully time will permit me to do it all. One day at a time, right?!  Here are things to help organize your closet and office space.
  2. Cook: if you have been trying to learn how to cook or try new recipes, this is an awesome time. I have created a Pinterest board for West Aftrican foods…check it out. I have also shared on Instagram of me making Salmon and stir fry. Hubby made this oven roasted potatoes that’s so good. He calls it his random recipe. I will share that on Instagram this week.   
  3. Engage in new activities: This is a great time to learn new skills that have been on your mind or that you have been putting away. For me, I have always wanted to learn French and Spanish. I did French in high school hence my blog name. I have downloaded the Duolingo app as suggested by you guys on Instagram.
  4. Exercise: Even though your local gym is closed. This is not the time to slack on your fitness. You already know I love Barre and pilates, you can check this Pure Barre. Check out Blogilates , MsJeanetteJenkins and ikonicfitness on Instagram media for work out ideas. I have be following this IG fitness accounts. A great app for high intensity work out is Kayla Itsiness Fitness. Here are some great fitness gear to get you going while working out at home. I currently use this resistant belt.
  5. Home Projects: I have been wanting to redecorate my fireplace/living room area for a long time and I have started browsing and saving pins on my pinterest board to help kick it off. Some of the decor stores that I am browsing are CB2, Wayfair and West Elm. I have my eyes on this green sofa. I am still trying to decide between a green sofa or blue sofa as my focal point.

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