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Stella Adewunmi of Jadore-Fashion shares weekend finds and deals

I will be starting a new series here on the blog. Every weekend I will be sharing what I call “Weekend Finds And Deals.” This will include items that are on my mind, in my shopping basket, items I have currently purchased and items that are on sale. Usually I posted some of these items on my Instagram Story; but I decided to share more of these weekly favorites here in addition too Instagram Story especially if they are on sale because it will sell out fast.

Lately, I have been into sweater dresses. I recently wore this sweater dress from Topshop Nordstrom yesterday paired with this Tamara Mellon boots for a graduation party. It’s warm, comfy and the side slit sets it apart. Also love this sweater dress in ‘Tan Oatmeal’. It will make a great work dress right now paired with cardigan or blazer. Love the brown color! I have been wearing and buying a lot of browns and neutral colors. This puffer coat is one of my recent purchase on sale. I love puffer coat (it’s on SALE) and they are everywhere right now. I previously worn a camouflage puffer with joggers few season ago.

I can’t believe I am quickly morphing into a bag girl. I have been investing in a lot of bags lately. This Tory Burch pair is on my list. I am eyeing the brown version.

With all the new year resolutions, time to stock up on gym outfit. I love Girlfriend Collectives! I current have it in green and blue. I have a fitness post coming soon wearing this blue Girlfriend Collective bra and leggings.

Besides this satin pant set pjs. Love this satin shorts pajamas for Valentine’s Day.

Remember this Ulla Johnson bag I wore here, it is currently on sale.



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