Weekend Finds And Deals: Decorate Your Home Office

Weekend Finds And Deals: Decorate Your Home Office

This weekend finds and deals is all about how to decorate your home office. Have you been searching for items to decorate your home office space lately? If this is you, we are in this together. I have searched and found great products to decorate your office space. I have been on Pinterest and different home stores searching for unique and fun ideas to decorate my home office space. I have never really placed an urgency regarding creating an office space at home until now. Since I have been working from home for almost a month now due to the current pandemic, I am so eager to create a functional office space. With only a limited space to do so, I figured I will transform a section of my closet into my office space. Between homeschooling Nolan and chasing my one year old Nova around, I need an enclosed space where I can get away for a few minutes to get some work done. 

If you tuned in to my Instagram live on Sundays, I mentioned about starting my office space project and you also saw a glimpse of the things I need to declutter to make the work space possible. To kick off my work from home (#WFH) office space, I have compiled furnitures and decor pieces that I am currently eyeing and will love to include in my office.

In terms of creating a WFH office, the first and main that I need is a desk. I want a modern and unique desk. I need a desk that’s big enough but also bearing in mind that I have limited space. Another thing that I need in a desk are drawers to be able to put away documents out of sight from the kids. In terms of uniqueness, I wanted a modern white or white with gold details. I came across these desks: I love this pair from World Market, but I’m not sure I truly love the storage options. Then, I saw this Nathan James Leighton Two-Drawer Modern Desk White and Gold Finish and this white Ochoa 2 drawer deskI love the modern lux appeal to them and I think either of the those desks will blend perfectly with my closet.

The next item on the list after the desk is a chair that will complement the desk style and space. I came across this white and gold MoDRN Glam Marion Channel Tufted Office chair. Love the uniqueness and I think it will be perfect with any of the desks. Table lamp is another item that I will love to add. I was searching for white or white with gold and unique details to go with everything else. Here are a few options that I am considering besides this MoDRN Glam Antique Brass and Marble Desk Lamp here.

Weekend Finds And Deals: Decorate Your Home Office With These Products


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