Watching out for accessories

While searching for the right outfit for upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I also began to think about the proper accessories to be worn on these occasions. I do pay a lot of attention to detail, so accessories are really important for me. And it is always a real challenge to find something appropriate. As Christmas is the time of the year when we should care most for our family and friends, I do, while shopping for myself, also watch out for accessories to give to them as presents. Here are my findings for this year’s Christmas.

A piece which lasts forever

For my closest friends and family members I usually try to find something of high value; something which is precious, and which has a long life span. For that reason, I am thinking about buying a highly desirable Girard Perregaux watch for one of my lovelies. The classic look fits every style and also signifies a taste for good quality. And the good thing about this accessory is that it also has a very important function. It tells its wearer the time at one glance. It is, for that reason, more than just a beauty device. The variety of watches, is so huge that everybody can be sure to find a piece for his or her individual taste.

Some things are “girls only”

Of course, being the fashion-conscious person I am, I also want to dress my closest pals in glamor for Christmas. And as most of my pals are girls like me, I do focus very much on the fashion for their feet – shoes tell so much about one’s personality. For that reason, I go for the hottest shoes with high heels and in the sexiest shapes. In that way, every Christmas walk can be enjoyed even more. 

Stella Adewunmi