10 Valentine’s Day Date ideas And What to Wear


I know Valentine’s Day is only two days away and I’m sure some of you are still scrambling for date ideas and what to wear for Valentine’s Day celebration. Do you ever wonder what other fun date ideas you can do besides a romantic dinner date? Have you made dinner reservations? Do you actually have a plan? It’s ok if you are still not sure what to do or what restaurant to go or what else to do beside dinner date. If you’re like me, a busy/working mom of two, dinner may not always work but having to think off other fun ideas indoors seems hard.  I can count how many times we canceled our dinner reservations at the last minute because we were either exhausted from work or something came up regarding the kids. Last year, we spent pre Valentine’s Day ordering and watching our favorite shows in cozy pjs because I was pregnant, tired and unbothered LOL. However throughout the years we have had different fun date ideas. If you are one of those that want to do something different and fun other than a dinner date, I have rounded 10 fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond including outfit to wear for the date.

What I Am Wearing For Valentine’s Day Date Night

Dress: here // Alaia shoes: here



           10 Fun Valentine’s Day ideas


  1. A romantic weekend getaway: you can plan a romantic vacation to fall around Valentine’s Day. Two years ago, we took a group couples vacation for Valentine’s Day to Mexico and it was amazing.
  2. Staycations: I am always searching for cute, vibrant hotels for staycations. It’s refreshing to be in a different environment even if it’s for a night. Some of my favorite hotels around DMV for staycations are Four Seasons, Sagamore Pendry, Canopy wharf, Kimpton hotels to name a few.
  3. Date night to a fancy restaurant. You can try somewhere with live music or a band. Some great restaurants to check out in Maryland: Tagliatelle, Citron to name a few
  4. Take a class together: cooking, dance or pottery class.


  1. Treat yourself to a great couples massage
  2. Invite a few couples for an evening filled with competitive fun. My friend and I are actually planning a couple game night for the weekend. We have previously done this game night a couple of times and it’s always fun. One of the games we played was to have the guys do our makeup. The outcome was hilarious. This is a great idea for busy parents.
  3. Cook dinner together or try a new recipe 
  4. Order in, grab some popcorn and watch your favorite shows together or romantic movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime etc. This was our Valentine’s date night last year.
  5. Go hiking or take romantic walk at the park
  6. Be a tourist in your state. Visit place in your state that you haven’t been to before such the National museum, Pentago City


Whether you are going out for a date with your significant other, staying home for a cozy night or out with your girls, here are outfit ideas that you can wear now, in the future or for Valentine’s Day date night. My exaggerated dress might not be your typical red or pink Valentine’s Day date dress, but it is suitable for those who don’t care for typical red/pink outfit. This heart shape pajamas makes for a cozy night in.





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  1. AJ
    February 20, 2020 / 6:57 am

    WOW you look absolutely breathtaking in this dress!! It fits you perfectly and you look so glamorous and very very sexy. 😉 Im sure you would kill all the conversations when you walk into the room looking so spectacular! Your body looks amazing and your legs look gorgeous in those heels. Id love to see you style more outfits like this, im sure you would look incredible in any of those other date night dresses you put there. x x x x

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