Two Ways To Wear A Dress To Work Now


Do you have a dress that’s sitting in your closet that  you desperately want to wear to work this now and beyond, but you are conflicted on how to style it due to the frightening cold outside? I know wearing dresses in winter can be challenging by itself because it’s a struggle between looking good and staying warm, but I have create two options to alleviate that. 

I used to struggle on how to style my dresses for work in winter without compromising my look. I have never really been a fan of tights especially with certain dresses so I often result in wearing my dresses with knee-high boots.  On top of that, trying to wear a dress with boots to work creates a lot of styling challenges because you are either trying to decide what dress to wear with the boots, the length of the dress, the height of the boots and how it will be received. If you are one of those that still want to wear your dress to work this winter and through spring transition, you can do so by pairing it with knee-high boots.  Yes, knee-high boots are appropriate to wear to work, but you also have to factor in your individual office environment. So, if you’ve ever thought of wearing a dress to work, but changed your mind because it is too cold outside today’s look is how you can wear a dress to work now and beyond. Better yet, this same dress in your closet that you paired with boots for winter can still be worn this spring to work as well. 


When picking a dress to pair with knee-high boots for work, I typically go for midi dresses like the pleated dress worn in this post. It’s important to pair the knee-high boots with dresses that are at least knee length or beyond for a professional environment. By doing so, it maintains a formal appeal while keeping warm.

pleated dress and knee-high boots

Today’s outfit showcases how you can wear the same dress, in this case a pleated dress to work this winter and beyond. I styled it two different ways: one way is with knee-high boots for winter and through spring transition and the second way is with pumps for warmer days and beyond. I know it is still winter and cold outside, but that should not stop you from wearing your prettiest dresses to work or anywhere else right now.


Here is another way to wear the same dress in time for spring



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  1. March 9, 2020 / 6:54 am

    For a person like me who feels cold throughout the year, it IS frightening to wear a dress in winters but you make it look so easy and classy. Maybe one of these days I’ll get out of my tweed pants and actually dress-up.

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