The Skincare Products You Need to Try Now


What is your skincare routine? What products are you using on your skincare. I didn’t start focusing more on my skincare and the products that I use until few years. The more I paid attention to my skincare, the products that I use and being consistent with my skincare routine, the more I noticed clearer and better skin. I am continuously learning about my skin and open to trying new products. In the past months and years, these are the products that has become part of my daily skincare routine. Based on my experience with these products, I care say theses are the skincare products you need to try now.

I have a normal to oily skin. My biggest struggle is try to combat the oily part of my skin with out dry out my skin. I have found a balance in these products. Taking care of my skin has been a consistent labor of love. In my recent YouTube Channel: JadoreFashionBlog, I have shared a simplified morning skincare routine and step by step on what I use and how.

My Skincare Products

These are the skincare products that I currently use and they are the skincare products you need to try now. Every now and then, I get introduced to new brands and products. For the most part, these products have been a constant rotation in my routine and they have been great on my skin.


I have been using this Cetaphil normal to oily face wash for over 7 years and I love it. I love how soft and clean it leaves my skin without drying it.


  • La Roche-Posay Toner For Oily Skin: I have an oily to normal skin, this toner works great for my skin. This toner helps minimize and tightens my pores. I introduced this product to a friends with sensitive skin and she loves it. It doesn’t sting.
La Roche Posay
I use this more consistently in the AM and PM. I have notified a huge different in my pores and skin. My skin has been less oily as well,
  • Ole Henriksens Dark Sport Toner: When dark spots start showing up, I use this more often to help reduce the appearance of the spots. I occasionally have a pimple or two during the time of the month, which can sometime leave a dark spot or two. This tone helps reduce appearance of my dark spots and even out my skin tone.
It help reduces dark sports, target wrinkles and smooths skin textures.


I have been using this eye serum for over 4 years and it is amazing. This serum has been working for me in a preventive way for dark eye circle and fine lines. I typically use this first and then the Olehenriken Bright Eye Cream
This bright eye creme is my recent addition. I have been using it for a mouth now and I love it. I see an instant brightening. It also reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


This has helped reduced the appearance of dark spots and post-acne marks. It also helps reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation.


  • C-Rush Brightening Creme: This helps hydrate and brighten the skin. Daily stress can make your face and skin feel and look dull. This creme hydrates, moisturizes and help improve dullness.
I usually use this creme before applying my daily moisturizer. It adds additional hydration to my skin while leaving my skin radiant.
Love the cooling feel of this cream. This is great for oily skin and perfect moisturizing for summer. It feel light and hydrating.


La Roche Porsay
This has to be one of the best body moisturizer. Perfect for dry skin and beyond. This keeps my skin moist and hydrated.


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