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In case you haven’t noticed, long sleeve sheer tops aka second-skin tops are trending. These sheer second-skin tops have been making an appearance since summer and they are not stopping soon. But what exactly are they? You are probably wondering, what is she talking about by sheer second-skin top? Second-skin tops are tops that are sheer and snug to your body that it feels like you’re not wearing anything just like a second skin or tattoo sleeves. They can be solid colors or prints. Since summer, I have been drawn to wearing these “second-skin” tops  that are long sleeves and I still can’t get enough of it.  I find myself drawn to abstract print pairs. One of the first ones that caught my attention were a Burberry pair and Kai Collective which I ended up styling with denim shorts. Long sleeve sheer tops have been an ongoing trend and it seems like the trend is here to stay this season and even more so in the upcoming spring 2021.

One of the things I like about this long sleeve sheer top trend is that it is very versatile. It is easy to style! You can layer it now that the weather is getting cold; but you can also wear it during warmer temperatures like I did in summer due to the nature of the fabric. This long sleeve sheer top trend is worth trying and I guarantee you that complements will follow. I received a lot of compliments with this H&M’s second-top as well as this Kai Collective pair. I can’t wait to add more to my wardrobe. 

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you own a pair? Are you open to trying a pair? If so, check out these long sleeve sheer tops worth having.

Long sleeve sheer tops to have


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