The Gifts That I’m Ordering Now For the Holiday

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I know it’s only October, but these are the gifts that I’m ordering now for the holiday. I am so ready for the Christmas and holiday season. With how crazy this year has been so far, I need a major escape and the holiday season is it for me. I have never been the person to start shopping for holiday gifts early, but this year is different. I literally started making a list since summer and I have started buying and scratching things off my list. Something about the holiday season feels joyful and peaceful and that’s exactly what you and I need now. 

On top of my list of holiday gifts is comfortable and cozy items. It’s no brainer that I have loungewear, joggers and sweatshirts on the top of my early gift ideas. Since we have all been predominantly at home due to the pandemic, gifting loungewear, pajamas, blankets and all the homebody cozy items will be significantly appreciated.

Wearing: Zara knit short and top.

The Gifts That I’m Ordering Now For the Holiday

Shop the Look

Also this year, don’t procrastinate your holiday shopping because with the current pandemic, I have heard that there might be some delay to postal delivery. So, make sure to start ordering early this year. Can you imagine how COVID will affect shipping this holiday? Even now, deliveries are delayed, now imagine the holiday season…yeah! Get a head start to your holiday shopping now!

In the next few weeks, as I continue to do my holiday shopping, I will be sharing Gift Ideas and Gift Guides including what to get your friends that have it all. I’m sure you have one of those. Also fun and educational gifts for kids.

Since most of us are safely practicing social distancing at home, working from home, I want to kick off my Gift Guides with the gifts ideas that you can get a head start with knowing the current situation.

Have you started your holiday shopping?


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