The Best Holiday Pajamas to Buy Now

the best holiday pajamas to buy now

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, holiday season is in full effect and it time to get your matching holiday pajamas. Matching holiday pajamas is the best way to stay warm and cozy, but also a great way to create family memories. For us, matching family holiday pajamas is a yearly Christmas eve tradition. We all wear matching holiday pajamas the night before Christmas while we watching holiday movies. What’s your favorite holiday movie to watch? One of my family Christmas movies to watch with my kids is Home Alone. I previously shared list of different movies you can watch to get you into the holiday spirit. What better way to enjoy your holiday movies with your family than wearing matching pjs. I have sourced different websites and found the best holiday pajamas to buy now for you and your family. These pajamas are fun, bright and merry. Even more so, there are all less than $100.

One of my favorite holiday print to wear are plaids and check print. I love this red plaid pajamas from JCrew and it’s under $100. Another fun way to wear your holiday pajamas is to mix match the prints with your family members. You can mix match this white buffalo plaid print with the red buffalo plaid print. With the holiday coming, matching pajamas are perfect for creating memories. Here are the best holiday pajamas to buy now for the whole family.

This gender neutral print fleece pajama top and joggers will be perfect for the whole family. Check more for the whole family at Old navy.
These are very comfortable. I have the in specific gold pair and I also have the red plaid pair from last year. Keep your feet warm and stylish this holiday season.
This matching family winter bear pajamas is super cute. We wore this exact same Children’s Place print last Christmas and my kids are still wearing today.
Christmas holiday is synonymous with red. So, you can’t go wrong with this red pajamas for the holiday.

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    Such lovely PJs. 🙂

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