‘Styles of women’s’ winter coats

This season has brought with it an array of winter coats. One particular style that is proving to be extremely popular on the style agenda is the cape. Some of the more common styles of the cape include the capelet, cloaks and shawls, stoles and wraps.The capelet offers a form of outerwear that opens up at the front and houses no sleeves but instead has slits where the arms would have normally been placed. There are two styles of this season’s capelet: one comes in the shape of a full circle and another takes the form of a straight shaped style. Each does the same job in covering the shoulders and judging by the autumn and winter runways, this is most definitely a trend that is perfect for the forthcoming colder months. Cloaks are similar to the cape, however they generally appear longer in length and the typically styled capes finish mid-calf but they are also available as long as ankle-length. Cloaks also tend to be completely sleeveless and they are really handy pieces to throw around you as a great outerwear piece. Shawls, wraps and stoles are usually wrapped around the shoulders in a loose fashion and are a great investment for evening wear. In the past they have often been created in a luxurious fabric such as fur, brocade or silk. Both designers Ralph Lauren and Luella showcased their own takes on such a piece, with Luella updating the standard fur stole and Ralph Lauren revealing a series of re-vamped evening styles. Very.uk offer all the latest winter styles at great, affordable prices.



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