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What will the fall school year look like for your family? Are you ready for the school year? I am sure these questions have been on a lot of parents’ minds. For my family, as we start preparing for back to school, we know the upcoming school year setting is still up in the air. We are not sure if school will be virtual or in class; but one thing for sure is that going back to school this fall is inevitable and we have prepared for it. No matter the route the school year takes, our goal is to create a normalcy for Nolan and provide an easy transition. Doing so means getting him all his favorite character clothes and school supplies as requested from Walmart. With a growing kid, Nolan outgrows his pants, shorts, shirts, shoes every few months. I find myself restocking clothes before the end of each semester. That’s why I honestly rely on Walmart for low prices on kids styles, easy and stress free ways to shop and their next-day delivery options on certain products. I can’t tell you enough about how their next-day delivery on certain items have saved us in the middle of a school year. Take for example last school year as a first grader, just a few weeks into the school year, Nolan misplaced a pair of his sneakers at the gym locker room and he needed a new pair before the next PE class and Walmart came to our rescue. We were able to get him a new pair delivered the next day. How amazing is that!



It’s hard to believe that Nolan is gearing up for second grade this fall. I was that parent that was so nervous and teary eyes dropping him off on the first day as a first grader. Unbeknownst  to me, a few months later we will be dealing with world pandemic and virtual learning. To say that we weren’t prepared for it will be an understatement. Overnight, my husband and I became homeschool teachers while working full time. Now, fast forward to a new school year less than a month away, Nolan is excited to see his friends; but this mama is a bit nervous of the uncertainty and trying to hold it together for him by making sure he has all his back to school essentials and the best back to school fashion. And as a mom, I pay attention to comfortable, cute and affordable. Now that he is picky with clothes, I made sure to get his favorite character clothes, shoes and backpack thanks to Walmart back to school fashion. Nolan loves their top and backpack options because of all the fun characters from Superhero, Avengers, Pokemon, Minecraft and other graphic print shirts. Last year, he chose a Spider-man backpack and this year he went with this Avenger backpack. I also got him these comfortable joggers in different colors for gym days and virtual school days. This mom was excited when I found this Minecraft top…it definitely made his day and made him more excited for school.

With everything that’s going on, whether school will be in-person classroom setting or virtual, it is important to create a sense of normalcy for your kids by preparing for back to school. Get their favorite backpacks and back school clothes from Walmart vast selections. Feel free to shop online if you are more comfortable with that. I can always rely on Walmart for stylish and budget friendly clothes for him. 



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