Spring Fashion Trends To Get Now Under $100

Spring Fashion Trends To Get Now Under $100

While spring does not officially begin until March 20th, it is never too early to begin planning (or shopping for) spring and summer clothing. I mean, we all need something to take our minds off the bitter cold, don’t we? I’ve put together a list of spring styles under $100 that you can buy now, and a look at the 2022 spring fashion trends to get you inspired. To be honest, if you haven’t already, you should add a pair of these (at the very least) to your spring wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Trends To Get Now Under $100

Stripe sweater

Spring is on the horizon, and nothing says Spring like striped sweaters. It’s one of my favorite spring-friendly ways to remain warm, and stripes are one of those rare spring fashion trends that work all year long and never go out of style, so you can never have too many striped sweaters in your closet. Stripes are everywhere, and in every color under the rainbow, thanks to a rise in popularity on the runways this spring and you can get this under $100.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is an all-season style that can be worn with jeans, dresses, workwear, partywear, loungewear… you name it, a trench coat can be worn with everything. Don’t worry if you don’t want to wear a conventional camel trench coat; they also look great in black, blue, and pink. Trench coats have evolved well beyond the original beige-and-belted versions. They are stylish and made to resist any weather. The season’s greatest trench coats are made to last, and it is definitely one to include into your transitional wardrobe for your Spring collection.


This season, a stylish blazer is the ideal outer layer to complete your look. Even if it’s only for your afternoon Zoom meeting, a beautiful blazer instantly boosts your style, and you can quickly toss it on over a shirt and jeans, or maybe a house dress, and seem put-together.

Floral Dress

Spring is so close that we can practically smell it and definitely see it! Flowers are beginning to blossom, inspiring us to add bright colors, cheery designs, and lightweight materials to our wardrobes. Do you have any ideas about what to wear for spring? A floral and flowing dress is a great outfit for welcoming in the new season and it is definitely one of the spring fashion trends that you can get under $100. A floral gown is perfect for a Spring wedding or a get-together with friends, and a vibrantly colored floral pattern will make you appear stunning.

Stirrup leggings

Stirrup leggings have come and gone in popularity throughout the years, but they have remained a constant favorite. The sleek silhouette ensures extra polish to your spring look, whether you slide your stirrups over your heels, loafers, or pumps for all to see, or keep the straps simply by tucking them inside your boots.


Shackets appear to be still fashionable and popular, and I’m all for it! You may wear them in a variety of ways. They may be layered, worn with a dress, or just thrown on over whatever you’re wearing that day. They are all fantastic spring outfit ideas, and most of them are also lightweight, so they’re ideal!

Sweaters are the perfect way to keep cozy during the spring time and you can’t go wrong with stripe sweaters and it’s officially time to stock up on this trend with this comfortable piece!
They are quite lightweight but they are great for layering, which makes them excellent coat to wear during the spring and this won’t break your bank!
What are your spring wardrobe essentials? This trendy pink jacket will glam up your spring style, and you can use it for both work and weekend outfits. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a bright color this year as part of your spring fashion trend.
Floral prints are a must-have for Spring. Don’t be scared to add your personal flair to any trend like this tie-belt satin dress for your spring look.
Stirrup Leggings are a really stylish and fashionable item that goes with many different outfits. Stirrup leggings, meanwhile, are making a reappearance this year as a fashion trend for 2022. This legging is ideal for your spring outfit.
Shackets are on the top of the spring trend list, with spring just around the horizon. Perfect for spring, pair your shacket with a legging and loafers for a trendy spring look!
Wide leg pants are fashionable and popular for spring 2022, and they can be dressed up with a crop top and sandals or down with a T-shirt and sneakers. This pair of wide-leg pants is ideal for wearing at home or on vacation.

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