Small Changes To Freshen Up Your Look

Every so often you feel like you need a new look; perhaps a hair cut or new lipstick. To make an impact you don’t need to go Lady Gaga drastic, sometimes simple is the key.

Check out these few tips to help create a new you!

Create bright eyes

A problem for most women is bags under the eyes. Trying to conceal the shadows with tonnes of make-up is not the answer though – you need to apply the right eye make up too.

  • Use smooth eye cream and a good concealer that will cover up the dark circles. 
  • Apply pale eye shadow just under the eyebrow. This will instantly make the eyes look brighter and fresh. If you’re not one for eye shadow, using brilliant volumising mascara will instantly make you look more awake. 
  • For a night out, false lashes are brilliant. Simply apply liquid or pencil eyeliner to cover the lash roots. 
  • If your eyes are tired and red, perk them up with an over the counter eye bath solution or use luke-warm water to calm and relax. 

A-list style hair

We all have hair envy over celebrities like Jennifer Aniston who always manages to leave the house with glossy, effortless hair. 

Here are some insights into celeb hair care tips:

  • Liven up the colour. Make sure you pick a colour within two or three shades of your natural tint for a complementary tone against your skin. 
  • Hair is 98% protein and 2% moisture so if your hair is regularly subjected to dying or heat styling then you need to condition it. Deep conditioning is important as it lifts the cuticle allowing for maximum penetration and eliminating the hair from product build up. Invest in a fantastic conditioning lotion that will leave your hair soft and shiny. 
  • A secret to phenomenal hair is to use a hot oil treatment once a month. Indulge your hair into this luxury spa by simply applying an oil mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes then wash out; you’ll have lovely moisturised hair. 
  • Try out a new style. Haircuts can put life and bounce back into your locks. Layers provide volume to thin hair and thick hair can be tamed with an undercut that thins. Put hair up in the sun to protect from rays or a simple plait is on trend for the festival period. 
Stella Adewunmi