Simple Yet Chic Way To Wear Color This Spring

How to Wear Vibrant Colors for this Spring 1

The main color trends for 2022 are centered on optimism, warmth, expansion, and joy. Spring is an exciting season for fashion, and there is one easy way to incorporate the cheerful vibe of the runway into your present looks: embrace the spring 2022 color trends now. Wearing color is refreshing and it can brighten your day. Here’s a simple yet chic way to wear color this spring and beyond.

For spring, we’re going to be seeing a lot of bright colors from bright orange, hot pink, lime green, blue, canary yellow to name a few. Vibrant colors are a great way to add a burst of energy to your outfit. There’s a fine line between wearing bright colors and making sure that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. 

Wearing bright colors can be overwhelming if you are not a huge fan of bold colors. If this is you, start with one piece of clothing as a bright option and incorporate other neutral pieces to balance it off. Bright colors are a great way to make your wardrobe pop, especially in the spring. If you are not sure how to mix and match colors, take some inspiration from the runway and use the color wheel to assist you with color combinations. Also, don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns together.

Today’s look is a great way of easing color into your spring wardrobe. I went with a lighter shade of yellow which is perfect for those who don’t want the bold yellow color. For this look, I styled it two different ways by showcasing how versatile it is to style colored suited this spring. In case you can’t tell yet, one of my current favorite outfit combos is a blazer and sneakers. I’ve always liked diverse pairings, and what better way to wear them this spring with bold colors. It seems effortless yet comfortable. That’s exactly my vibe!

Blazer matching pants with crop top and heels

Bright colors are great for spring because they really help you to make your outfits come alive. You can mix in brighter colors with your white, gray, and black staples, or you can keep everything neutral but add in bright accessories in the form of a bright bag or shoes.

If you want your wardrobe to come alive this spring season, go for something bold and vibrant colors. Remember, you don’t have to wear head-to-toe bold colored pieces. Find a comfortable medium for you and go with it. In all, have fun, and don’t be scared to spice up your outfit with some color this spring for a simple yet chic way to wear color for this spring.

How to Wear Vibrant Colors for this Spring 2
Blazer with heels and white crop to for spring look

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