Neon light

Monday is finally here…this means my ultimate schedule just kicked in. School started today with a class on Investment Analysis. For some reason, I feel like this semester is going to be a bit less stressful compared to the previous. Hold up!… hope I am not jumping to conclusions on day one…LOL

My weekend was very calm besides working 6 hours on Saturday. I stayed indoors catching up on Real Housewives of New Jersey and some Lifetime movies. I also got to watch Tia and Tamara’s show for the first time. I have been a fan since the days of “Sister, Sister”.

This picture was also taken in Montego Bay behind our hotel.

American Eagle shorts & Zara shirt

Accessories: Forever 21 rings/earrings/necklace, Michael kors watch, H&M hat, Bangles Macy’s

Neon lights by

Wearing Messeca shoes from Solestruck

PS: Don’t forget that you can still leave questions for me that you want answers to…

Have a wonderful week ahead and cheers to a great school year! 🙂


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  1. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 / 2:32 am

    How do you balance work and school?How do you overcome fear of speaking in class?What tips do you have for job searches?thanks!

  2. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 / 2:51 am

    So depressing looking at your photos 🙂 I love your all white look and the pop of neon. CUTE and STYLISH.I love how you accessorize your Wishing you a stress free semester

  3. B.A.N.Crespin
    August 23, 2011 / 3:38 am

    I love your style. Good luck on the semester. .B.

  4. Smi
    August 23, 2011 / 4:36 am

    ultimate freaky fashion. Ha ha, liked your neon green heels. Ha ha!

  5. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 / 4:38 am

    love those shoes/they look great on u.& thx for the comment.i would love if u followed 🙂

  6. Violet
    August 23, 2011 / 4:48 am

    whats one thing in your closet you cant live without?love the neon shoes with the white outfitXXVi from Cali

  7. Sara
    August 23, 2011 / 5:01 am

    Hi dear, thanks you for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say I love the photos, the outfit is wonderful and I adore your shoes, you are really beautiful! Your blog is lovely and I'm already following you! Hope you'll follow back!Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  8. modniza
    August 23, 2011 / 6:11 am

    fabulous shoes! love your fab outfit! xooo. Stella

  9. Alina F.
    August 23, 2011 / 6:16 am

    Amazing pics!Love your shoes!

  10. Promise
    August 23, 2011 / 7:34 am

    This is a way to do neon, love.Hope school goes well, haven't started uni yet, but got summer projects that I should really be starting, bad girl.

  11. Tereza Anton
    August 23, 2011 / 7:52 am

    You look so beautiful in this outfit, those wedges are rocking.

  12. Nancie Mwai
    August 23, 2011 / 9:21 am

    very very very hot Stella!!!

  13. Sick by Trend
    August 23, 2011 / 10:52 am

    love those shoes!!! :Dwww.sickbytrend.comxxsBt

  14. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 / 11:46 am

    Jadore… I wish you the very best this semester. As always, you take excellent photographs….

  15. 'Tia
    August 23, 2011 / 12:07 pm

    Love the shoes! And I'm loving Tia and Tamera too. So fascinating how their personalities are so different and how they look a little different too!

  16. Sia
    August 23, 2011 / 12:59 pm


  17. Mónica C. Welton
    August 23, 2011 / 1:04 pm


  18. Onyinye FaFi Obi
    August 23, 2011 / 1:07 pm

    I love the shoes. . . Love.. Love.. Love..!ROCK ON.! 🙂

  19. ~Jeimy~
    August 23, 2011 / 1:14 pm

    You look amazing I loveeeeee these shoes

  20. Sing
    August 23, 2011 / 2:23 pm

    Now that is neon! WHat a way to stand out.

    August 23, 2011 / 3:19 pm

    Stella you look beautiful! You have the most amazing skin! I love love love it!! Those shoes are the bomb! Kiah

  22. Cherrie J.
    August 23, 2011 / 3:33 pm

    Love the vibrant pop of the shoes! Beautiful scenery in your photos!-Cherrie

  23. Kaśq.
    August 23, 2011 / 4:12 pm

    neons shoes are amazing! I love it!!

  24. ♥B
    August 23, 2011 / 4:37 pm

    Love the shoes. You pull off neon/bright colors so well!!-B

  25. ~~~Jibby West~~~
    August 23, 2011 / 5:02 pm

    Those shoes r tres hot!!!

  26. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 / 5:08 pm

    what a pretty shoes! like neon colour :)great look! nice pics!and fantastic watch 😉

  27. Prissy
    August 23, 2011 / 5:31 pm

    WHOA!! They are very neon, but quite FIERCE I might add! You always rock it, girlie!Prissy

  28. Mani
    August 23, 2011 / 6:14 pm

    Outfit looks perfect and you look even better!hugs and kisses by Mani.

  29. Sarah
    August 23, 2011 / 6:16 pm

    love your shoes!U have a amaizing style

  30. Esther
    August 23, 2011 / 7:04 pm

    Oh those shoes. I really lovelovelove them. The moment you step into a room, people would notice your shoes. ahhhQ: hOw do I LEARN to walm well and not finish the ends of my shoes… hmm im not really sure of how I can explain this. Its kind of like if i have worn out shoes… how can i avoid that to happen to my high heels because I really walk badly.Hope you

  31. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle
    August 23, 2011 / 7:22 pm

    Absolutely adore this look on you doll…Those shoes are 'AMAZING'<3 MarinaFashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle

  32. Shasie
    August 23, 2011 / 10:06 pm

    Great color on the shoes!Shasie of Live Life in Style

  33. Courtney
    August 23, 2011 / 10:25 pm

    Love this look! Those shoes are absolutely incredible, kudos to you for having the confidence to wear them out too, id be way too nervous! xx

  34. Anonymous
    August 24, 2011 / 12:28 am

    Loving the neon!

  35. romwe
    August 24, 2011 / 2:01 am

    I really enjoy the atmosphere in these pictures and the impressive adorable white outfit , wow, I feel delightful too…your accessories are freaking awesome

  36. Toria
    August 24, 2011 / 2:56 am

    Those shoes are divine!!! :)~Toria

  37. Laura
    August 24, 2011 / 2:59 am

    Your shoes are amazing! Your style is Killer! Totally loving the white too!

  38. LA Lynn's
    August 24, 2011 / 4:59 am

    WOWZERS!!!! The shoes are STUNNING… I like the fact that you paired them with ALL WHITE!!!! I'm truly diggin the entire look!

  39. simplychic
    August 24, 2011 / 7:16 am

    i am normally not into neon, but for some reason i LOVE your shoes. the whole look is perfect!

  40. Siscy Licy
    August 24, 2011 / 8:56 am

    OMG the Neon Shoes are to die for !!!!!!!!

  41. shamim a.k.a Zeze
    August 24, 2011 / 9:50 am

    what do u use for ur skin….u look glowing

  42. Nataljja
    August 24, 2011 / 10:19 am

    Love Your outfit, mostly shoes ! <3

  43. Anonymous
    August 24, 2011 / 10:34 am

    you look absolutely amazing..and i love your skin too..please air out what u use (as for cleansing and etc) and the make up…plus how do u manage to stay at all stylish?

  44. M.rolez
    August 24, 2011 / 2:04 pm

    OMG Im in love with your blog ! your shoes are so stylish ! and so trendy!xoxo from spain

  45. Aphrodite
    August 24, 2011 / 2:43 pm

    That is one of the coolest shoes in the planet! Great outfit and photos! Love your accessories too!

  46. JustPatience
    August 24, 2011 / 4:57 pm

    Just discovered your blog and I love it! You have great style, brains and beauty. Perfect combo. Following you on Bloglovin. Follow me back if you like. :)

  47. Inez of Style Chic 360
    August 24, 2011 / 7:18 pm

    you are so fly! love all your accessories!

  48. Julie
    August 24, 2011 / 8:31 pm

    Killer shoes!!

  49. dressingup-everyday
    August 24, 2011 / 8:57 pm

    Super cool outfit!. Love the glow of your skin, fantastic.XX.Y

  50. Treacle
    August 25, 2011 / 11:36 am

    A.MAZ.ING shoes Im so disappointed I cant get this brand in the UK. you have such a great style everytime and inspire me to be a bit braver every so often. check out my blog when you get a chance? thanks hun xx

  51. Angely Bk.
    August 25, 2011 / 11:47 am

    This place is amazing, and I love your hair 🙂

    August 25, 2011 / 2:36 pm

    those shoes are something. wow. the hue is so vibrant and immensely amazing. like it with all white, to let them shine.

  53. Fashion Means Everything
    August 25, 2011 / 10:53 pm

    I love your universe andyour blog is greatthose shoes are just whooooooooo

  54. Rose from Rosedale
    August 31, 2011 / 2:34 pm

    lovin the pop of color – those shoes are too cute!!!

  55. Tiffany
    September 2, 2011 / 2:44 am

    love love love your shoes!!! the color is awesome lol..i need to get some matikos still!

  56. Diane
    September 2, 2011 / 5:31 am

    Those shoes are just perfect! I love your blog! Followed!

  57. Anonymous
    September 2, 2011 / 6:29 pm

    The shoes are amazing! Love the look so much 😉

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