My Weekend

I felt like an excited kid when I saw my first comment. Thanks for stopping by “J’Adore Fashion”. Now back to My Weekend…this weekend was fun and crazy. It all started off with me at the hospital sick from food bug; despite how tired and sick I was, I wasn’t gonna let a friend down, so I had to attend the bday dinner @ “La Tasca”. That resturant is a name that I can NEVER forget. Why? because when we saw the bill, the expression on our faces where priceless. The bill was more than 1000 bucks, the next thought was, damn! how on earth are we gonna come up with that. To cut it short, we didn’t have to wash dishes for us to pay the bill lol. I guess we where stressing more than necessary because when everyone paid, the bill was straight; but I had a blast. Then on Sunday, I had a surprise bday party for my BF which went so smoothly–thanks to my wonderful friends. I promise I will put some pictures up from this weekend. I am at work and I need to stay of the computer ;-)Short:H&M, Top:H&M, Sandals:Payless, Hat:F21(Forever21)


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  1. Neef♥♥
    June 17, 2008 / 2:00 pm

    lol…LA TASCA!!!!!

Stella Adewunmi