My 2020 Resolutions

Sharing my 2020 Resolutions in other words, things I plan to do or continue to do this year. Do you set yearly Resolutions? I have never been adamant on making New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year. I tend to make my long and short-term goals at any time of the year without the pressure of relying of the New Year.  However, this year, there are certain things that I will love to do or take on. With my 2020 New Year mantra or word, “Take Action”, I have come up with seven things that I want to do this year. Let’s call it, my 2020 Resolutions.

Outfit: Zara pants, old H&M top, similar here/here, Zara Coat: similar here/sale; Pumps (try this here), Bag


Here are 7 Things I want to do this year 2020 and beyond


  1. Drink more water:  There are some days where I drink more water and other times when I know I could do better. Sometimes get caught up with work that I do not even remember to drink enough water which is really bad! This year, I plan to change that because drinking water does well to the body including your skin. Personally, I notice the difference in my skin when I drink enough water. I have been using this marked bottle to help me with this goal.
  2. Get back to the gym:  It has been over a year since I was physically at the gym. Prior to being pregnant, I will do Pilates and Barre 2-3 times a week. I tried working out when I was pregnant, but the weakness and nausea will not let me be great. Fast forward after Nova, I still have not gone back to the gym. I have occasionally ran around the neighborhood or treadmill at home (hate treadmills) but nothing like I use to. My ultimate workout will be getting back to Pilates and Barre classes including adding occasional exercise routines at home. This is the year of good health and good fitness.
  3. Delegate: I always want to handle everything on my own especially my blogging business, but this year, I am working on delegating more tasks to allow me to tackle other aspects, continue to grow  and do things that I have always planned to do.
  4. Pick a book and actually read and complete it: With my schedule and juggling mom life, 9 to 5 life, branding/business, I hardly have time to do many things including reading or completing a book. Therefore, this year, I plan to read more either a physical book or an audio book. One of the books I need to read is Becoming by Michelle Obama. Please suggestions more good books.
  5. More Date nights: with two kids, both working full time jobs, businesses, two lovely little humans (Nolan and Nova), it’s tough to have a date night. Most of the time we planned a date night, we were so tired that we end up staying home. I cannot remember the last time I went to the movies. Then again, I am not really into movies per se. My goal is to do more date nights and be more creative with it like cooking classes, comedy clubs, plays etc. 
  6. Redecorate: for years, I have wanted to redecorate my living room and sitting area next to the fireplace. This year I plan to accomplish that. I have created a Pinterest board for inspiration. For the living room area, I am thinking neutral tone and for the fireplace sitting area, I am looking to make it more glam.
  7. Declutter: This year is definitely the year to declutter a lot of space in my house especially my closet and put many pieces to sell. I have donated a lot of them so far; but there’s still a lot more to sort and organize.

Other items I want to continue to do includes waking up early. Waking up early really early is not my thing; but when I do wake up early, it allows me time to reflect, get some blog work done, get to work early and get out early. Also, I want to continue to create more time for self care. It’s important to have a balance of mind, body and soul.

What are your 2020 Resolutions?


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  1. January 12, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    I love how you killed the all brown outfit Stella. Keep slaying in 2020!

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