Last Minute Ideas For Valentine’s Day at home


Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just three days away. There’s always this pressure to make Valentine’s Day special and getting the best gifts. I am sure some of you were eager to go out and celebrate; but like the past holidays, this Valentine’s Day celebration will be slightly different as this is the first Valentine’s Day full celebration due the current pandemic. Although a lot of us are going out to celebrate , but there are still some people who wants to celebrate at home and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you are opting to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going ordering from your favorite restaurant or safely celebrating at home with your partner, the focus should be about having fun. For those who will be staying home and not sure what to do, I have got you covered as I share amazing last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day at home. Yes, you can bring romance to your home. Make sure to check out gifts ideas for her and thought gift ideas for him as well.

Since Valentine’s Day is also Nova’s birthday, I will be celebrating her with close family and friends over cake and pizza then later in the evening Olu and I with some friends will be heading out for dinner. I will be sharing more of the behind the scenes on my Instagram story

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Here are 10 Last Minute Ideas For Valentine’s Day at home

Still not sure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year, here are creative Valentine’s Day date ideas that will surely add spice to your night. These ideas are fun, chill and effortless.

  1. Cook together: Find a simple recipe online or pinterest and cook or bake together. You can also do a virtual cooking class. Check out Sur la table cooking classes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but fun.
  2. Game Night: A friend introduced us to these amazing card games that can be played with your partner or amongst friends including this Ultimate Game For Couples. Grab your favorite adult bubbly and enjoy a game night
  3. Love notes scavenger hunt: Grab a sticky note and write different love notes and qualities you like about your partner and leave the notes in different areas of the house for each other to find and read.
  4. Make a romative playlist: Use spotify and create a romantic throwback playlist. Include songs that remind you of different stages of your relationship and memories. This playlist can also serve as a gift. Play this music, dance and reminisce. 
  5. Netflix and chill: Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year. What better way to enjoy the day than Netflix and chill. Wear you cozy and Valentine’s Day inspired loungewear and enjoy a great movie or two with your partner.
  6. Wine Tasting: Bring wine tasting to your home. Open a couple of new wines for tasting over the Charcuterie Board.
  7. Winter picnic: Who said that you can only have a picnic in summer or outside? Not! Create a winter picnic at home for you and your partner. Start by placing a blanket or sheet on the floor of your living room space, add flowers, chocolate and your favorite wine. 
  8. Start and watch a new TV show together: There are so many TV shows that you both can start together. Netflix, Apple TV and Roku have been my go to place to watch shows during this quarantine.
  9. Get to know each other more: Check out these 36 Deep Questions to ask your partner so that you can truly know them.
  10. Go for a drive: Even some place might be close, it is still safe to go for a drive around your city.

VDay Ideas With Kids

  1. Make a fun Charcuterie Board with your kids. This board can include a mix of fruits, candies (hey, it’s Valentine’s Day), crackers and cheese.
  2. Make a card for a neighbor: Along with your kids, spread the love and make a Valentine’s Day card for an elder neighbor. Make it fun and colorful with stickers, glitters and colors.
  3. Play a Game: Play some fun games as a family including this one Moment game for kids.


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    February 12, 2021 / 9:19 am

    Great pics and an equally impressive dress.

    • Stella
      February 15, 2021 / 8:46 pm

      Thank you so much!

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    February 18, 2021 / 3:46 pm

    You look incredible in the dress!!! I love the back. 😉 x x

  3. February 11, 2022 / 8:49 am

    Love this post and the ideas are great! You look stunning, as always!

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