How To Wear Pink And Red Together


Who would think that wearing pink and red together was once considered fashion faux pas?!! Seasons later, how to wear pink and red together is making waves everywhere from runways to red carpets and street styles. This color mix is now considered cool. Yes, you heard that here! Wearing red and pink together is a color combo that’s not only reserved for Valentine’s Day, but since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, this will be a perfect time to break out your favorite pink and red outfits. Best excuse to wear lots of pink and red mix to work and beyond.


Now, how to wear pink and red together for work? 

When pairing pink and red for work, keep things simple by mixing work appropriate solid pieces. This can be either pants, skirt or a solid pink and red dress mix. Today’s look is a great example for a simple way to wear pink and red combo for work. As you can see, I went with solid pink and red colors. By sticking to solid colors rather than prints, it makes it easier to coordinate. For work, start by deciding if you want to wear pink or red as a top or bottom. Once decided, complement the look with the opposing color in slightly muted color shade.  For example, if you’re picking a red pants, pair it with your favorite soft and light pink top. Alternatively, you can wear a red top paired with pink pants. Keep accessories minimal. 


5 Tips On How To Wear Pink & Red Together

If you haven’t tried pink and red combo, this is a great time to incorporate it in time for Valentine’s Day as a start. With these tips you will be able to wear pink and red together beyond Valentine’s Day. 

  1. Start with smaller pieces that make up your outfit such bags and shoes.
  2. Consider a dress that has done the color blocking for you.
  3. If you’re reluctant to wear pink and red as top and bottom, go for a monochromatic red look or pink look accessorized with the alternate color. For example: wear a red blouse with red pants then accessorize with a pink scarf, coat or shoes.
  4. For a conservative work environment, go for warmer red hues such as brick red rather than bold red, soft/light pink rather than bright/neon pink.
  5. Add a touch of neutral. This could be a neutral colored shoes and accessories when pairing bold red and bright pink colors together.

Stella-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-shares-pink-and-red-Valentines-Day-outfitIn all go be bold and have fun!

Hope you’re now excited to rock pink and red for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Here are some pink and red pieces to add to your wardrobe…



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