How To Wear Neutral For Summer


Yes, you can wear neutrals for summer. As much as we love colors for summer outfits, neutral colors can still be a part of your summer wardrobe without being boring. Here is how you to wear neutral for summer without being boring. For this look, I am wearing an old Zara skirt, racer tank top, with a must-have neutral tone blazer. To add more favor to the look, I completed the look with chain necklaceLOC brim hat, knotted bag and Altuzarra sandals.



3 Tips On How To Wear Neutral For Summer

  • Build a monochromatic: A neutral monochromatic look doesn’t have to be boring depending how how you style it. Build a monochromatic neutral look for summer by mixing different textures and palettes
  • Start with one neutral color and incorporate different tone and shades of the same color
  • Add a fun accessory: chunky necklace, earrings, hat or bag

Neutral can easy to style. They are stylish, versatile and you don’t have to worry about clashing colors. Lately, I have been embracing more neutral color palettes and as summer draws closure, I find myself adding more neutral tones to my wardrobe. Neutral colors such as whites, beige, khaki and shades of browns have been getting a lot of wear lately. 


Why You Should Wear Neutrals

  • Neutrals are versatile
  • It’s easy to style – you can’t go wrong in putting it together
  • It is timeless
  • Neutral outfits look luxurious

I have always been a big fan of neutrals. From monochromatic looks for work to other neutral looks for in summer and winter. I am either wearing different shades of one neutral color tone or mixing different neutral colors. One thing for sure that I’ve about neutrals is the inherently luxe feel and easiness in styling it. I am excited to share this look and different neutral looks on YouTube that you can wear this summer and beyond while at home, for work or any occasion.

Check out my YouTube video for 7 different neutral looks



Stella Adewunmi