How To Refresh Your Work Outfit This Year

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Headed back to the office? If you have returned to the office or are heading back to the office soon and are in need of a new wardrobe or simply want to refresh your style, I have some inspirational looks for your workwear! Here’s how to refresh your work outfit this year that won’t break your bank with these wardrobe-essentials. Make the most of your workday with these versatile pieces that you can transform into beautiful office outfits. They’re just what you need for Zoom calls, in-person meetings, and beyond!

If you are shopping on a budget, focus on these back-to-work essentials. Start with neutral pieces that you can wear and substitute with different pieces, prints, and textures.

Back To Work Outfit Essentials 

Tops/Blouses: Tops with exciting details like pleats, ruffles, or bows will make your outfit stand out in board meetings or casual Fridays at work. You can also opt for an oversized top that is trendy yet still business-appropriate. If you want to play it safe, go for staple pieces like a white blouse, chambray shirt, or even silk blouse. Other options include a blouse with a bow, a ruffle sleeve, or a plaid blouse.

Coat: A stylish coat is a must-have for those cold winter days. It’s not only functional but also keeps you warm and cozy because it covers up most of your body. A long trench coat or wool coat is an excellent choice as they are both timeless staples that look good on all body types.

Cardigan: A cardigan is a perfect choice for easy layering. It is ideal in an office where you tend to get cold quickly. If it’s not that chilly outside, opt for more lightweight cardigans like a cotton-blend cardigan. 

Knit sweater: A chic winter knit top which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, pair it with a pencil skirt for formal events and pair it with jeans or leggings for casual days at work. You can also opt for a sweater dress instead to look less casual.

Work Pants: Look polished and professional by wearing a pair of work pants. It not only matches most of your tops but also makes sure you stay comfortable throughout the day. Invest in neutral pants colors like navy, black, grey, beige or brown. With these pants colors, you are able to wear versatile tops and blouses. Khaki pants are a great option as they go well with pretty much everything. When you have acquired the essentials, then you can add colors and patterns of your choice. You can also opt for slim-fit pants, cargo pants, or straight-leg jeans for casual workdays.

Boots: A pair of chic boots or booties are a great way to look polished and professional during the cooler days. Look for neutral colors that match most of your wardrobe, like brown, black, gray, etc. Boots are good if you’re looking for something warmer than shoes.

Handbag: A chic and professional handbag is necessary for your business outfits, especially during those important meetings and presentations. Some options include a cross-body bag, suitcase, tote bag.

In addition to coordinating work outfits, consider packing an extra bag with these must-have items: a Tote bag, laptop/iPad case, charger, pens/pencils, and a small notebook. By filling a bag with these items, you’re ready for whatever the day brings!

In my opinion, these staples can help refresh any of your wardrobes into a work outfit. As always, dress as you feel comfortable! I hope these outfit ideas inspire your return to the office. Cheers to seeing old friends, good health, and success in the new year!

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How To Refresh Your Work Outfit This Year

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