How to Mix High and Low-End Fashion


Hi loves, Happy Friday! It feels like this week or summer in general in going by super fast. I am in between preparation for our family vacation and getting the kids ready for back to school. Can you believe we are talking about back-to-school already? I recently picked up these navy blue adidas and white/black sneakers for Nolan for the new school year and I still need a lot more shopping to do before school kicks off at the end of August. In the meantime, I am still enjoying the last weeks of summer in this beautiful floral print summer dress. This floral print dress is under $90 and the print is AMAZING! When it comes to my style, I am all about wearing something fun, easy and chic. Wearing something chic does not equate a head to toe high end pieces. Personally, I love mixing high and low-end fashion pieces; so today, I will be sharing simple tips on how to mix high and low-end fashion effortlessly.

P.S. If you are looking for an easy fun dress to wear any day of the week and weekend, this is the dress for you. This is that fun summer dress to wear from running errands in flats to brunch in heels.

Now, let’s talk about high/low mixing formula. As much as I love luxury designers pieces, I also love mixing and incorporating moderately priced or lower end pieces. It is not always about the price of what to wear, but how well you put together your outfit that makes it look expensive and chic. You never want to appear like you are “trying too hard”, trust me! I will give you simple tips how how you can combine and mix pieces like this moderately priced floral dress with luxury designer bag to achieve a chic look.

Tips On How to Mix High and Low-End Fashion

  • Mix luxe with less. This means mixing luxury items with less priced pieces to great a balance. Mixing high and low end is really easy to do. One of the rules I go by it one or two high end pieces with more low end items. If you are incorporating two high end fashion pieces, both items should not be overwhelming. Why you may ask? Because if the look is not put together well, it will look tacky and try-hard. Today’s look a good example of mixing high and low-end fashion effortlessly. I am wearing a this amazing dress under $100 mixed with Chanel bag and Hermes flat sandals. The Chanel bag is bold, while the flats complement the look with being overbearing. Again, the trick is balance
  • Mixing a luxury item with low end fashion items. Pick one dominate luxury item and style it with lower priced items. For example, you can pair luxury blouse with moderate to lower priced bottom, shoes and accessories. In this case the bold luxury blouse makes a statement, giving you the luxury look in an effortless way. Another way to mix high and low end fashion which is one of my go-to looks is wearing a plain white t-shirt from Walmart mixed with luxury blazer or coat while everything is on the lower priced point.


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