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One of the summer trends that I can’t seem to get enough of is suiting. I bet you are wondering, suits for summer, how? Give me a moment, and I will show you how to master summer suiting now for different occasions. Wearing suit sets has always felt synonymous with office, but this season, suiting is beyond the office and even more so for everyday wear. As everywhere begins to open up and many people are beginning to return back to work in the office, it is time to master summer suiting. I have mastered how to wear suits set this summer for different occasions. In today’s post, I will share two different ways to style this blazer and pants suit set for 9-to-5 jobs and outside of the work formal environment. Here’s how to master summer suiting now for different environments and your needs.


Tips to How to Master Summer Suiting Now

For The Office: For the office and formal office environment, it is important to adhere to the dress rules of your work. Each working environment is different. What someone who works at a corporate financial office would wear is different from someone who works in the fashion industry or a casual work environment. Adhering to your workplace dress code does not mean that your style should be restricted or boring. You can still maintain your style in a classic and unique way. Take for instance this blazer and pants set look can be dressed up for a formal workplace by either pairing it with a button down shirt, a fun summery blouse or styled with a vest as seen on today’s post. Work outfits should be fun and adding stripes to your suiting set gives off a unique appeal…not your typical work shirt/blazer look. Would you agree?

Everyday suiting: Outside of wearing your suit sets in a formal office environment, suit sets can be worn everyday in a fun, effortless and chic way. Yes, you can rework your workwear suits for a day out with friends. Imagine going from a work day in the office to happy hour with friends, you can make your suit sets work for these different environments by restyling it outside your traditional work settings. To re-work your suit set this summer and get the most of your favorite suits, master the act of suiting by pairing your suit sets with crop top, bralettes, wraparound top, tees and graphics tees along with sneakers, mules, or slides and baseball cap.


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