How to Look Chic In Sweatpants

It is easy to see sweatpants as off-duty, stay at home and laundry day type of outfit; but that’s not the case anymore. Sweatpants to be stylishly worn and still be comfortable. There are so many ways you can dress up and style your sweatpants for an upgrade look.  Sweatpants is that piece you can wear just about anywhere depending on how to style it. Here’s how to look chic in sweatpants without breaking the bank. One of the things I love about wearing sweatpants, joggers or loungewear is that it is comfortable. Another reason why I love it is that it can also be stylish.

How to Look Chic In Sweatpants

If you own or typically wear sweatpants or joggers and you are wondering how to look chic in sweatpants, here are easy and stylish ways to upgrade it.

  1. Pair with a trendy coat: Even if you are pairing your sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt, add a trendy coat. Preferably, add a different colored coat such as camel coat over black or grey sweatpants. You can also add a trendy trench coat and leather jacket.
  2. Add an oversized blazer: adding a blazer to your look for more polished appeal.
  3. Add a pair of high heels: For me, high heels are the easiest wear to dress up sweatpants of loungewear. High heels have a way of upgrading a look without trying too hard. I can understand If you are not able to wear heels. In this case, ankle boots, combat boots or go for a fun and unique sneaker like the Air Jordan or New Balance.
  4. Add a pair of statement jewelry: You can add a statement necklace like the current trendy chunky gold chain, bracelets, rings, and watch.
  5. Anything goes: To make styling sweatpants easy, treat it like jeans. With that in mind, you can style it with tees, graphic tees, button down shirts, sweaters and chambray shirts. If you want a more casual feel, go for tees. For a more dressy look, add a button down shirt. I call it business on top, party on the bottom.

Sweatpants are definitely that piece you can wear from your couch to brunch with friends. There are so many stylish sweatpants and sweatshirts sets to buy now. Trust me, it works for different body shapes.


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