How To Add Leather Shorts To Your Winter Outfit

How To Add Leather Shorts To Your Winter Outfit

Have you ever thought of wearing your shorts in winter but felt discouraged due to the cold weather? With only a few weeks until winter, I will be sharing with you how to stylishly wear leather shorts (or any shorts) during the cold season and create a cool fashionable look. I know you’ve been waiting all year for winter so that you can pull out your favorite chunky sweater, knee-high boots, and of course, cute leather shorts. Luckily, winter is also the best season to style any outfit (shorts included) due to the heavy amount of layering that winter requires. You can pair them with pretty much anything from sneakers and long coats to chunky knitted sweaters, and knee-high boots. And I am sharing with you some fashionable tips on how to add leather shorts to your winter outfit that will keep you warm yet chic.


1. Add a long coat or puffer jacket to create a layered look and stay warm in style.

When pairing leather shorts with a coat, the first thing you need is a great winter coat or, perhaps my personal favorite, a puffer jacket. There are many different styles and lengths of coats that you can pair with your shorts this winter: long belted coats, short or long puffer coats. What you want from your winter piece is that it covers most of your body when worn but doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk since this will only distract from the whole outfit, making it seem too bulky and not chic at all. A great coat is what you need to pair with this outfit, and here are some examples of what I mean by that: Longer, camel coats look amazing during winter, so if you have one in your closet, try pairing it with leather shorts and sneakers for a badass yet feminine look.

A longer black winter coat also works great as long as it covers most of your legs with black leather shorts or adds a pair of black tight to go with a shorter-length coat to stay warm. For this look, I personally would go with knee-high boots, but any kind will work too.

2. Knit sweater or turtleneck tops

Turtleneck sweaters are perfect layering pieces that you can quickly wear under coats and jackets without adding any extra bulk to your silhouette. They keep you warm but don’t suffocate your outfit, so if you have leather shorts at hand, there’s no better time than now to try them out together.

As for knitted sweaters, this is another must-have winter staple since they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and materials, so finding the right one won’t be an issue at all. Whether it’s chunky wool knits or a cardigan, splurge on one that looks great with leather shorts!

3. Pair with tights and over-the-knee boots

Even though this might be one of the best outfits for winter, some fashionistas are still reluctant when it comes to wearing leather shorts in winter. Well, if you’re one of them, consider trying a pair of leggings under your shorts and adding over-the-knee boots to complete the look. Depending on your preference, you can wear any boots, but I would go for mid or high ones only to build a longer silhouette around my legs. The heeled booties will also elongate your legs making this one of the best outfit ideas to wear leather shorts in winter.

4. Scarves 

Winter scarves are great ways to keep your neck warm while also creating a winter fashion statement.  Pair your winter scarf with your coat for a look that will keep you warm. Chunky knit scarves are a favorite choice for winter because they are soft, midweight fabric, so they’re comfortable and can help keep you warm.  They can be wrapped around your neck, or simply wear it long to show it off. 

When you’re looking for an outfit to style with your leather shorts in winter, keep it simple. If you’re looking to maintain some winter aesthetic while still keeping yourself warm, try choosing relatively low-key winter outfits. In other words, don’t make the mistake of overdoing it by piling too many layers! Winter fashion can be fun and creative without going overboard. Just make sure to layer up correctly, if anything.

Leather Shorts Style for Your Winter Outfit

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