How To Add Color To Your Work Style


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How do you add color to your work style or outfit? Over the years, I have noticed that some people tend to shy away from color in the work environment which I definitely understand. As someone who loves fashion and in a corporate world, work style for me has to be fun, filled with character but still formal to match the work environment. Not only do I love to add color to my work outfit, I love mixing colorful pieces and prints into my work style all year round.

Being that it is fall season, daylights is shorter and the temperature is cooler, it is easy to gravitate towards dark color undertones to match the mood. Who wants to spend the few minutes before work trying to figure out what color to mix with what? Hence, why fall outfits can often be synonymous with dark color tones such as blacks, grey and navy; but that’s shouldn’t be the case. There’s nothing wrong with adding color to your work style.

This season and seasons to come, infuse some color into your work style. Work outfits should be fun and vibrant. Your workwear should showcase your personality but still adhere to the working environment. To achieve a bright and bold look for work, I have narrowed out three easy ways on how to add color to your work style without going overboard.

3 Ways to Add Color To Your Work Style

  1. Infuse color into your work style in a subtle and easy way by picking on color and working your outfit around it. For example, I picked this berry tone blouse and worked around it with light shade of pink. Another example can be seen in this work look where I picked a bold orange pants and paired it with a darker tone blouse.
  2. Monochromatic look: Monochromatic look in color doesn’t have to be daunting. This can be achieved by wearing suiting silhouettes as seen in my red suiting and green suiting. You can also wear different shade of the same color. I previously wore different shades of blue and shade of brown for work. Start with comfortable color tones.
  3. Accessories: If you are still uncomfortable wearing color, you can try by adding color via your accessories. Add bold and colorful bags, shoes, scarves to complement your look.

Fashion-blogger-Stella-Eneanya-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-shares-her-fall-corporate-styleFashion-blogger-Stella-Eneanya-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-wearing-light-pink-and-jewel-tone-color-work-outfit Fashion-blogger-Stella-Eneanya-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-shares-how-mix-color-for-work Fashion-blogger-Stella-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-show-how-to-mix-color-for-fall-work Fashion-blogger-Stella-Eneanya-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-shares-work-outfitFashion-blogger-Stella-Eneanya-Adewunmi-of-Jadore-Fashion-shares-her-fall-work-style



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