1. Who takes your pictures?
Professional photographer

2. What Camera do you use?
-Cannon Mark 5D 

3. How do you edit you pictures?
-I upload my pictures via flickr and I use photoshop for collages

4.Who does your videos?

-All my videos are done and edited by my husband.

5. Where did you grow up?
-I grew up in West Africa Nigeria in a state called Enugu before moving to Minnesota, Oregon, and now in Maryland 🙂

6. Who are your favorite designers?
– Chanel, Alexander Wang, Chloe, DVF, Stella McCartney, Rodarte, and I tend to have seasonal favorites

7. How much time do you spend blogging?
-A lot of time especially at night after work and school. Sometimes I squeeze some time throughout the day. I write and edit a lot of my posts at night and weekends. I take most of my pictures during the day and weekends.

8. What motivates you to keep blogging regularly?

-Knowing that I have a lot of supportive readers, I feel a sense of duty to maintain a level of frequency and quality. Also, blogging is a way of showing my personality through style.

9. How do you manage work, school and blogging?
-I can’t say it is easy, but it is dedication. When you love something, you create time; so I make time for everything and I try to keep a balance of it all.

10. I would like to advertise on your blog.
– Please contact me at Stella@jadore-fashion.com

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Stella Adewunmi