Elevate Your T-shirt Game With Padded tee


What are your thoughts on padded t-shirts? Do you own a pair? Is it something you would wear? Over the past months, the padded muscle tee has become that cult favorite t-shirt. It all started with this Frankie muscle top. You have probably noticed this shirt all over social media in white before more stores and brands started to make different colors. I call it the elevated tee because just like your essential white tee, the padded muscle tee has a way of upgrading a simple outfit. So, if you are looking to elevate your t-shirt game with padded tee, I will suggest you try the muscle padded top

Everyone needs a white shirt in their wardrobe. It is an essential piece and this muscle padded tee will be the upgraded version of your white tee. It is a game changer! It can elevate your t-shirt game. The white and black version seem to be the more popular colors. After owning a white pair, I can’t seem to get enough of this basic essential piece. For anyone who loves basic essentials with a structure and uniqueness, the shoulder padded t-shirt is worth having. Not only does this tee elevate my looks, it gives my looks more structure. I have worn it so many different ways including with this paper bag shorts, denim jeans shorts, and now with this Alice McCall skirt previously worn here. Now that I have fallen in love with the padded tee, I am eyeing this black color. There are so many colors out now; so why don’t you elevate your t-shirt game with padded tee. 

What I Am Wearing:

Outfit: Alice McCall skirt here/here // Frankie Shop tee, similar here/here // Amina Muddi shoes // Bag // Lack of color hat, similar here/here




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