Date Night Ideas At Home To Try Now

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Going out for a date night can be challenging for some especially when you factor in having to find childcare, busy work life, and the pandemic. The pandemic has forced a lot of us to choose date nights at home over constantly going out. Also, if you are a homebody, date night at home might be ideal for you. There’s nothing wrong with staying home with your significant other, enjoying the privacy and simplicity of your own place, and focusing on your relationship. No matter what the reason for a date night at the home situation is, it should be fun and beyond movie marathons aka Netflix and chill.  With that said, not having to worry about “going out” is also quite calming. For a night in, here are some creative date night ideas that help you bond and reconnect with your partner without leaving your cozy home. 

Date Night Ideas At Home To Try Now

  1. Cook a fancy dinner together

Cooking together is one of the terrific date night ideas at home for you and your significant other. And the best part is that it makes you put down your phones and engage in conversations with your significant other. Here are some easy, romantic dinner recipes for two you can try out with your partner.

  1. Have a picnic on the floor

If cooking isn’t something either of you wants to do, why not try an at-home picnic? Pack a basket with food and drinks, and have your picnic in your backyard. On the other hand, if it’s wintertime, bring your blanket to the living room floor so you can snuggle up while watching a movie.

  1. Stargaze in the backyard

For this third option for an at-home date night, head out into your backyard whenever there’s a clear sky. The best time to go stargazing is right after dinner/before bedtime works well as long as you make sure to bundle up! Not only will you be able to see some spectacular views of the night sky, but you’ll also be able to find some pretty inspiring conversation topics.

  1. Go through old photos

This fourth idea is perfect for those looking to go on a unique and nostalgic date at home. All you need is each other—and maybe some snacks! Pull out wedding albums, childhood photos and look back at all of your saved photos together. You can reminisce on past dates, examine cute selfies of yourself when you first started dating, or even enjoy seeing how much more attractive you looked in them. This activity will help spark new conversations so that your date night doesn’t feel mundane.

  1. Recreate your first date

This next date idea is perfect for when you’ve been with your significant other for quite some time (years even). As you probably know, your relationship’s firsts are memorable. Why not spend a night recreating all of those fun memories? You can have a takeaway from what you had on your first date at the same restaurant, have a movie marathon of all of your favorite movies from back then, or even recreate all of the places that made an impression on you both that day. It will rekindle back the beautiful memories you have on your first date.

  1. Make an at-home spa

Along with having a great dinner together, making an at-home spa is another great way for you two to bond even more. You can set up a table or a floor section with face masks, candles, and any other essentials you feel will make this extra experience special. Use a playlist specifically for your spa night to add some romantic ambiance background music.

  1. Eat by candlelight

This next date idea is ideal for someone who wants to have an intimate night. Eating by candlelight may be cheesy, but it’s also beyond romantic and relaxing at the same time. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day while still being able to sit across from one another and enjoy each other’s company. Set out some soft tunes beforehand so that everything feels just right, and make sure to use your best silverware!

  1. Do a board game night

You and your partner should try getting out the old board games (or new ones) and seeing who can win for this next date idea. It’s always fun to see how competitive people get when playing games like Monopoly or Charade —especially when it comes to winning your partners’ hearts! This date will make for some comical memories that you’ll never forget. Plus, if there’s a second round of this activity in store for another evening, then I think everyone wins.

  1. Slow dance in the living room

This ninth idea is perfect for someone who wants to start their at-home date night with a romantic bang. Put on some slow music or your favorite music and turn off the lights so that candles illuminate your living room. You can even try putting on some mood lighting to set the right scene if you’d like! Either way, this activity will bring back memories of the first time you two danced together—and hopefully, it’ll be just as memorable.

  1. Have an outdoor movie night

Last but certainly not least, this last date idea is perfect for those who are willing to brave the cool weather for their at-home date night. Even if it’s just a small space in your backyard, setting up a projector and screen to watch movies outside can take things to the next level. There’s nothing quite romantic like being able to see the stars above you while enjoying a movie, snuggling up next to your partner.

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Date Night Ideas At Home To Try Now
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