Chunky Jewelries

We all love jewelry. Why not? They’re pretty, shiny, and
sparkly. We’re girls – it’d be a sin not to
love jewelry! Personally, I love it big and chunky. Especially if it’s gold. While
doing some online shopping on ShopNBC, I
found these awesome pieces of big gold jewelry! They bright and eye-catching – just the way I like ‘em!

But then again, that’s my personal taste. How about you? How
do you like your jewelry? Big and gold? Silver and minimalistic? Or a little
mix of everything?

Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. Anonymous
    September 24, 2011 / 2:46 am

    Go big and gold or go home! I'm with you!xxxo

  2. Shasie
    September 24, 2011 / 2:54 am

    I love that middle bracelet!Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. Diona
    September 24, 2011 / 3:26 am

    Oh my gosh, i love reading your post. You are a true fashionista! :)) Maybe you could give me good tips on how to be a better blogger, eh? haha. anyway, keep doing what you do!!!

  4. Nadia
    September 24, 2011 / 9:51 pm

    I love all types of jewelry, atm I really like double finger rings!www.modemojo.blogspot.comNadia, XOXO

  5. Jasmira Flower
    September 25, 2011 / 12:05 pm

    I love all jelewry, but the most silver and big!

  6. wait until the sunset
    September 25, 2011 / 2:50 pm

    I like a bit of everything!! BUt silver best! :)

    September 26, 2011 / 1:15 am

    I am really feeling gold right now. I just bought a vintage Anne Klein chunky necklace and I love it! I love silver too. Mix and match it baby!! Kiah

  8. Gabrielle Marie
    September 26, 2011 / 4:09 am

    Yes gold and chunky in the way to go! i love it! and gold really brings out a chocolately skin complexion!

  9. yiqin;
    September 26, 2011 / 7:20 am

    i like my jewelery to be simple and gold now.

  10. Missy Cheeks
    September 26, 2011 / 9:05 am

    depends of what i am wearing!!kisses

  11. She's Dressing Up
    September 26, 2011 / 3:45 pm

    Ooh great jewellery! I love big, chunky jewellery 🙂

  12. She's Dressing Up
    September 26, 2011 / 3:45 pm

    Ooh great jewellery! I love big, chunky jewellery 🙂

  13. Mani
    September 26, 2011 / 5:52 pm

    I love both! It depends on my mood and the look I'm going for!hugs and kisses by Mani.

  14. Liz Quach
    September 27, 2011 / 3:10 pm

    Love it! Thanks so much Stella!justQUACHit

  15. a!k0
    September 28, 2011 / 4:11 pm

    Love jewelry, silver mostly but anything and everything will do!! love love!

  16. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle
    September 30, 2011 / 1:05 am

    I'm totally n completely obsessed with oversize jewelry<3 MarinaFashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle

Stella Adewunmi