Backpacks For Back-To-School: Here Is What Fits

Here Is What Fits In My Kids Pottery barn Backpack

Backpack: here; Water bottle here; Food container: here

I can’t believe that summer is almost over and we are already talking about going back to school. How time flies! In less than 3 weeks, Nolan will be starting first grade. I am still asking myself, how did this happen? Last year, I was crying my eyes out when he started kindergarten; and just like that, he is starting elementary school. In preparation for first grade, one of the main things I knew he needed is a backpack. As a mom, I wanted to find a backpack that’s durable, but yet fun with characters that he loves. He is a huge fan of dinosaurs and since he loves picking out his backpacks, I let him pick out his favorite. He choose this Mackenzie Blue/Gray glow-in-dark dinosaur backpack. It comes in four different sizes, so there’s a size for every kid. For him, I choose the large size which fits perfectly for his height. The size is able to fit his books and lunchbox and other accessories. In addition with the backpack, I also got the Mackenzie Blue Dino Glow-In-The-Dark Water Bottle, Mackenzie Hot Cold Container and Lunch Bags. My favorite part about these Pottery Barn Kids backpacks and accessories is that it can be monogrammed. I had his name monogrammed on all the items and you should have seen his face. He kept asking, ‘how did they know my name, mom?’ That was hilarious and cute.

Here are what I love about Pottery Barn Kids (PBK) backpacks and accessories:


  • Durability: On like some backpacks that he has had over the years, the thickness and quality of this PBK pack is amazing. It will definitely last him through the school year. The quality of the bag speaks for itself. I have bought previous products including a mini backpack years ago from PBK and it lasts for years. 
  • Monogram: I love the personalized touch the monogram adds. For me, it also makes it easier for him to locate his backpack and accessories whenever he puts it especially during gym class or on the playground. 
  • Compartments: It has one big zip followed by smaller ones. I am glad that it doesn’t have a lot going on because this can confuse a child. Here is what fits in my kid’s backpack: It has enough compartments to fit some notebooks, piano books and school supplies, but still have more space. It also has a side pocket for the water bottle.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark: This is one of his favorite features beside seeing his name of the backpack.This is definitely a fun feature that you capture any child.
  • Style: Love the style! From the characters to the adjustable front strap where you can buckle it so that fits snug on the child.

I will definitely recommend Pottery Barn Kids backpacks and accessories. The price is great for the quality. There are different kids characters to choose from and monogrammed ability is a perfect touch.

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