Baby Essentials: What You Should Be Buying



  1. Honest Diaper: I have been using Honest diaper and wipes for Nova and the quality is amazing. Even more, I love the fun designs on the diapers.
  2. Doona stroller: I am a big fan of this stroller/carseat in one. It saves me the headache of taking a stroller and carseat everywhere.
  3. Docka Tot: This was a favorite for Nova. It is very soft. It’s like a mini bed that you can move around the house for you baby to take nap or lay down while you work next to them. I will usually have her in there during nap time but never during the night.
  4. Skip Hop Diaper bag: Love the quality of this bag and it has enough space to fit everything. I typically carry 2-3 change of clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers and a lot more.
  5. Bottle warmer: This is warmer makes live a lot easier to warm up refrigerated breastmilk at night or when I’m at work.
  6. Nosa Frida: Is a baby nasal aspirator helps your child tp breathe more easily.
  7. Dreft: Fragrance free, safe detergent for baby. I use Dreft for Nolan and Nova.
  8. Thermometer: This digital thermometer comes in handy when you can’t get your child to be calm when checking their temperature. My mom introduced us to this with Nolan.
  9. Owlet: I use this in the beginning when Nova was born. It monitors her heartbeat. I was that nervous and anxious mom. I needed something to ease my mind rather than watching every second to see if she was breathing.
  10. MamaRoo: I had this when Nolan was born and I continue to use it for Nova.
  11. Comotomo bottle: It soft and the nipple are amazing for newborn and breastfeeding transitions.
  12. Aveeno: I have been using Aveeno for years with Nolan and it’s natural to continue to use it for Nova. I use the Aveeno Eczema therapy
  13. California Baby: This is another product that I have been using for Nolan and now using it for Nova. It’s amazing on their skin.
  14. Lanolin creme: This is for the breastfeeding mamas.
  15. BIBS pacifier: Nova doesn’t use pacifier a lot but when she does, she love this pair.

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