Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my page. My name is Stella. One of DMV’s most influential fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Maryland. My close friends call me Uzo – a short form of my Nigerian name ‘Uzoamaka’ which means, “My way is good”. Growing up in Enugu city Nigeria, I have always loved Fashion. Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to share my love of Fashion with people.

Despite struggles and obstacles, I am proud of who I have become today. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Master in Business and Finance but my dreams and aspirations go beyond these.

As a child in Nigeria, I loved fashion even though several clothes were not affordable. I always imagined the styles and items that I will love to wear (…that hasn’t changed). In 2008 after graduating from Nursing School, I decided to start a blog as an avenue to share my love for fashion and styles including my lifestyle and culture. Today, my blog has become a daily obsession for me.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, who is also my videographer. I am privileged to bother him anytime I wish for video shots (wink! wink!). We have known each other for nine (9) years, which includes two plus years of marriage, and he is still confused on why I accumulate so many shoes. Well, I can’t explain it either because I am a ‘shoeholic’ if such a word exists. I don’t count the number of shoes I have but he thinks they are too many (lol). On my blog, you will definitely notice my love and obsession with shoes.

On Jadore-Fashion, you will find my daily outfit posts, current obsessions & cravings, street style inspirations, my lifestyle, which includes traveling, and my Nigerian culture.

I am extremely grateful for the love and support of my husband, family, amazing friends and you…yes, you reading this because I will not have done it without my wonderful readers.

Thank you so much for reading.




Little Facts About Me:

·I am major foodie. The frequency at which I eat is alarming and you will always find snacks in my purse.

·I grew up in Enugu, Nigeria and lived there until I was 14 years old. I also went to boarding school

·I am career driven and fashion minded. My iPad is always set to play a slideshow of fashion inspirations by my night stand even when I am sleeping.

·I am a wife of a slightly obsessive cutie, who has to check the doorknob even after seeing me lock the door.

Stella Adewunmi