7 Rules For Visiting A New Mom And gift ideas for her

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There are certain seven rules to consider when visiting a new mom including gift ideas for her. Friends visiting should apply these new mom rules and gifts. Talking from experience, there are certain things that I will expect my friends who are visiting me during this time to consider. After having a baby, there are so many things you can not do. You have to remember that your body is still recovering; you are overwhelmed with the new addition and if you don’t have family living close-by, it’s even harder on you. As someone who had a baby eight months ago, these seven rules should be considered when you visit a new mom friend this holiday and beyond. This also includes what gifts to get her, the new mom, the baby and even expecting moms for the holiday.

Being a new mom can easily be overwhelming. From the lack of sleep, feeding schedules to hormonal imbalance, this new mom role can be a struggle. For some moms, it can take months to years to adjust to the new role. For me, going from a mom of one to two hasn’t been the easiest. I am constantly learning how to balance this new role of caring for the baby even with the amazing support from my husband, time for my 6 year old, being a wife and work/life balance. Being a new mom can be isolating and hard. With that in mind, it is important to check up on your friends who are new moms. But before you visit, here are seven rules for visiting a new mom and gift ideas for her to consider.

Rules for visiting a new mom

  1. Call or text before visiting: please don’t show up unannounced. New moms love you, but sometimes they want some alone time.
  2. Bring food (cooked meal will be appreciated), coffee, tea because the first few weeks and months are tough and any new mom will gladly take their favorite drink or food.
  3. Please wash your hands when you arrive: Once you arrive, please wash your hand and  use hand sanitize. Keep the germs at bay! You will be surprised how many people reach out to carry the baby without washing their hands.
  4. If you’re sick, please stay home: You don’t want to get the baby sick. You can call or FaceTime until you feel better. Let the mom know the reason why you can’t make it.
  5. Help out around the house. Any little help can go a long way. If you know the mom (close friends), ask to see if they need help…any little thing helps…laundry, cooking, organizing the baby’s room or older kids room etc.
  6. Talk about something beside the baby. As much as you came to see the baby, as a new mom I wanted to talk about other thing besides the baby…adult conversations. New moms will like to have some adult conversations outside the baby. Let’s talk about Real Housewives, Sussex Royal, TV shows and other fun and interesting topics etc.
  7. Please don’t overstay in the initial days and weeks of baby arrival. New moms are working on few hours of sleep and are easily exhausted. Know when to leave to give the new mom time to rest and sleep. I don’t want to be the one to ask you to leave. Please be mindful so that mom and baby can rest.

Now that I’ve talked about the rules. Here are gift ideas for her…

The holiday season can be a bit stressful for anyone, but can me more stressful for new mom or first time moms. Besides visiting a new mom, show up with some gifts. Gifts that are useful and comforting. Whether it is gifts that the mom can use for herself or gifts surrounding her and the baby. Try and get gifts that useful and indulgent. The Sakura bloom baby ring sling can come in handy for any mom or new mom. With this baby carrier, moms can have free hands to do other things around the house. Other practical gifts for the mom with a new born to indulge in are chocolates and wine (I love Moscatos). A cozy pajamas, loungewear and fuzzy sleepers will be appreciate since most of our time in spent at home in the first few weeks. A gift card for massage and facial is amazing. Any mom will love a massage after labor and weeks with a newborn. Also get her a book that she will love. This Michelle Obama Becoming book is a great read. Another great gift for a new mom will be a subscription for Rent-The-Runaway. After having a baby, you are not sure what size your are or in the mood to buy anything new.


Sweatshirt // Blanket // Baseball cap // Baby carrier // Michelle Obama book // Notebook // Babycook // ‘Mama’ bracelet // Monogram mug,  Jo Malone Perfume //Slippers //  Coffee maker // Sweat pants

With the baby in mind, a chic diaper pack will be appreciated. I love diaper bags inform of backpack because it’s hands-free. I have this Skip Hop diaper bag. It has a lot of room to contain all your baby’s needs. Check out this Beaba Babycook that I recently got. It’s life changing. It’s a steam cooker and blender combo. Very easy to clean which is on every mom’s check list. For more baby essentials, check out this post here.


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