5 under $300: Best Wallets For Your Buck

5 Wallets under $300

Just about every girl has experienced the problem of jungle bag at some point, and rummaging through a huge tote every time you need something is no way to live a fashionable life. Men have known for generations that a wallet is an easy way to simplify your daily carry by neatly organizing all the essentials into an easy-to-manage package, but only recently has the world of fashion recognized the true potential of the wallet as an expression of functional style.

The advent of the ladies’ wallet has been a blessing to overtaxed handbags everywhere as well as their more organized owners, but many of the most must-have wallet styles have a price tag that leaves the new piece emptier than imagined.

Luckily, there are a number of stylish wallets that offer maximum style with maximum value, see ShopBop for more, these accessible alternatives are sure to make your handbag happier.

Z Spoke Zac Posen Shirley Saffiano Wallet

This low profile piece done in rich leather just screams expensive, but at under $100, it’s just harmless talk.

Rebecca Minkoff Luma Large Zip Wallet

We just love this Rebecca Minkoff piece featuring intricate abstract detailing at the side of the wallet as well as an etched silver embellishment that provides welcome contrast to the bold choice of hues. At about $200, what’s not to love?

Robinson Perforated Continental Wallet by Tory Burch

The golden detailing and hardware is a perfect partner for the delicate cream tone of this standard size leather wallet, and the perforated body is a modern touch that adds a new twist to a classic profile.

MARC Marc Jacobs Classic Q Metallic Zip Wallet

From Marc Jacobs comes this sleek and futuristic zip wallet done in a high-visibility metallic silver that can give even the most drab handbag a punchy partner. Additional detailing at the inside of the piece along with a price tag around $200 make this wallet an affordable way to organize your handbag in style.

Coach Accordion Zip Wallet

If you’re looking for options, this is the wallet for you. This long-profile Coach piece comes in a wide array of colors as well as a choice of three leather styles: crossgrain, textured and a gathered leather. The number of choices available with this utilitarian accessory mean that virtually anyone can find a model to suit their style, and no matter what you choose, all the options weigh in at well under $250.

While it is true that a premium piece can carry a premium price tag, getting the right wallet doesn’t mean having to pay the wrong price. Anyone that says that $300 doesn’t go a long way in finding the perfect wallet to bring order to your handbag once and for all just isn’t looking hard enough.


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