5 Tips For Staying Active And Healthy This Year

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New year, new beginnings! Time to set your goals and plans for the year. One of my ongoing goals is to stay fit and healthy. Staying active and healthy should be a lifestyle. An active and healthy lifestyle is very important for the mind, body and soul.
Staying active for me revolves around Barre and Pilates exercise. Ever since I discovered Pilates back in 2012 and throughout my pregnancy (check the video here), Reformer Pilates has become my exercise of choice. Pilates helps promote strength, flexibility and balance. I never knew I will find something else that I will love as much as Pilates until I was introduced to Barre last year. My exercise regime now revolves around Pilates and Barre in addition to occasional HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise routines. Staying fit and active is important not just because of the new year resolution, but being able to stay consistent through the year.

5 Tips For Staying Active And Healthy This Year

  1. Find a great motivation: Staying active and healthy is a good reason to exercise; but you need more than that. You need specific motivations that will get you through those days where you are tired from work or kids. For example, your specific reason could be family history of Diabetes or you are unable to keep up with your kids physically.

  2. Make a plan: Check you calendar and plan out how you can fit in exercise into your schedule even if it’s 30mins. It is easy to make excuses about time, but cutting out those TV or Instagram time can spare you some time to stay active. Also, you can use your lunch break to go for a walk.

  3. Find a workout buddy: It is great to have a support system when working. It can be a friend, coworker or a personal trainer. When I was pregnant with Nolan, I worked out with a personal trainer for my Pilates class and that motivated me to keep going. I discovered that I love working out in a group setting. It motivates me. 

  4. Try something new and fun: Don’t join the “exercise cult” of simply doing an exercise because it’s the new “it” thing. Doing so can make you loose interest sooner or later. Find something that you truly love and it’s fun. Take different fun classes such as zumba, boxing, cycling, swimming or Barre. Currently, Barre is my fun favorite workout. 

  5. Treat yourself to stylish workout gears: When you like your fitness outfit, you will want to wear it and show it off. Find a gear that is fun and comfortable.


    fitness, www.jadore-fashion.com

    fitness, www.jadore-fashion.com

    fitness tips, www.jadore-fashion.com

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