5 Simple Ways to De-Stress Right Now


With so much going right now, it is easy to get stressed out; but at the same time, it is imperative to recognize it and take on these 5 simple ways to de-stress right now. As this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to shed more light on the importance of mental strength and taking care of our mind, body and soul. More so, knowing that it is ok to have different feelings and whatever way you are feeling is valid because there’s no right or wrong way to feel. With everything that’s going with the Coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that people continue on their current mental health regime especially now. We have to recognize how we are feeling so as to know how best to manage our feelings. How are you really feeling? Is the question we should ask each other. Do you feel unproductive, hopeful, anxious, at peace, grateful, grieved, perplexed…how are you? If you are feeling stressed, you are not alone.

I have to admit, there are days that I feel overwhelmed, stressed and especially having to work from home while the kids are around, homeschooling, running a blog business, and just simply living can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Over the weeks, I have found ways to adjust to the new normal by trying different ways including having a schedule for myself and kids and finding different things to do while social distancing. When I feel stressed, I rely on these five simple ways to de-stress right now. They can help boost your mood.


Here are 5 simple ways to de-stress right now


  1. Mediate: Growing up, I will always see how much importance my dad placed on daily meditation. Now as an adult, I can testify how amazing it is to mediate. Taking a few minutes from your daily schedule to sit in silence while concentrating on your mind, body and soul is crucial. I also practice this with Nolan. Quiet time is something that Nolan practices in school and we incorporate it at home. He sits for 2mins in silence and this helps center his mind and thoughts.
  2. Exercise: You might be surprised how simple movement can boost your mood. Whether you have a full blow workout or simply go for a short walk, yoga or dancing around the house, this helps increase your endorphins…the “feel good” chemicals. A little bit of exercise can reduce negative feelings. I love doing pilates, barre and HIIT workout.
  3. Connect with people: Try out apps such as Zoom or Houseparty. For my birthday, I had a zoom chat with friends before moving the “quarantine pj party” to Houseparty app. Houseparty app has fun games to keep you, your friends and family engaged.
  4. Keep a journal: Journaling is something that I have been trying to do more of lately.  I was so into journaling in high school and it really helped me a lot in my teenage years. Dedicated a time daily to write about what is bothering you. Forget about being grammatically correct. Pour your heart out in writing and you will be surprised how good you feel after.
  5. Unplug: Turn off all devices and leave them behind. You will be amazed how much social media can be a stressor. Turn off your fun for a few hours and see how peaceful you feel. It is important to detox from social media and our devices.

Other things you can do to de-stress include dancing, listening to music, taking a bubble with candles and other self care activities.


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