5 Creative Traditions to Start Now With Your Family


Are you looking for fun things to do with your family? Here are 5 Creative traditions to start now with your family this season and beyond. I know this holiday period is like no other. Our holiday plans are different and some of the things we are used to doing every holiday and New Year Eve is not feasible this year. Well, don’t let that deter you from having a great holiday. There’s always a creative way to spice up your holiday this season and beyond. For us, we have been implementing different fun creative traditions and the kids are loving it. One of our favorites is camping in front of the Christmas tree by the fireplace. It is warm and cozy. We always add some hot chocolate, some mood boosting songs or watching holiday movies.

5 Creative Traditions to Start Now With Your Family

These are simple and creatives traditions to start with now with your family. It is always fun for the kids and family when something new is introduced.

  1. Set up a camp in front of the tree: I recently posted on my Instagram of us camping out by the Christmas tree.
  2. Start a ‘thankful’ jar: With so much that has happened this year, this is a good year to start a “thankful” jar and be appreciative of the little things.
  3. Take a daily/weekly family walk
  4. Make a healthy holiday themed charcuterie board for movie night (see my Pinterest board for ideas)
  5. Send cards to a nursing home or word of encouraging words to those struggling this year.

Other fun things to do this holiday safely including 10 ways to celebrate New Year Eve at home are:

  • Drive through holiday lights: There are so many beautiful place and neighborhoods to check out holiday light. We love going to Symphony of light.
  • Watch holiday movies together.
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