2018 Reflections

reflection of 2018, looking back at 2018, www.jadore-fashion.com

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It feels like I was just saying Happy New Year yesterday for 2018. This year went by so fast. It’s hard to believe in few hours we will be saying goodbye to 2018. This year was filled with so many amazing memories. From Nolan turning 5-years-old to starting Kindergarten, which was a big milestone for us. He is thriving and doing amazing in Kindergarten. He has been enjoying his swimming and piano lessons, making new friends and a lot inquisitive (with his million questions LOL). P.S. He is still Mr. Strawberries…his obsession with strawberries hasn’t ended as you can tell from myInstagram.

reflection of 2018, holiday pajamas, www.jadore-fashion.com

This year I traveled a bit more than last year. From Mexico to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday — thanks to Secrets Playa Mujeres for the birthday surprise collaboration to partying on Bourbon streets in New Orleans for another friend’s birthday. We also took a well deserved family vacation to Bermuda and stayed in one of the most amazing hotels The Loren. Ended my travel year with family and friends in Florida with a day in Disney for the kids. This year has truly been awesome.

In 2018, I got to work with so many amazing brands from skincare/beauty posts, activewear/fitness post, fashion and supporting a great cause. Despite being selective and putting some projects on hold due to some personal moments, I am forever grateful to Brands and PRs that have trusted me in creating all the beautiful contents throughout the year. It has been truly amazing working with new brands and reconnecting with brands and PRs that I have worked with year after year. This year was definitely my best year yet as an influencer.

looking back at 2018, www.jadore-fashion.com


This year has truly been an interesting journey filled with ups and downs; but with that comes the most amazing highlights and accomplishments. In this year, I was faced with fears of the unknown, tested patience, but at the end of it all is an unexplainable joy and peace to round up the year.

Ending the year with joy, peace and gratitude didn’t come without sacrifice. One thing I learnt about myself is how strong I am or can be in any adversity. They say you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.

This year have taught me patience and resilience. I have learnt to act in spite of fear, trust in his timing, take the leap and live a little. I’m excited for what 2019 is about to bring. As I hold my breath and countdown to the new year, I can’t wait for what’s in the horizon.

best of 2018, looking back at 2018, www.jadore-fashion.com


I promise that in 2019, you will get to see a lot of amazing posts from personal posts, more fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle post. Also expect more videos on YouTube and IGTV and more events, “Brunch With Stella” (see highlights on Instagram) and meetups. So many exciting news awaits.

THANK YOU all for your continuous love, support, and patience. I couldn’t have done this without you all. I welcome all your ideas. Leave a comment, email me or DM on Instagram for any suggestions.


Cheers to the New Year!!! Happy and blessed New Year!


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