Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ditch The Heels; Wear This Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers

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This post is sponsored by Nike. As always, opinions are mine.

Nike Air Max 270 (c/o here)
Top: here  
Leggings: here, more here/here
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These days, I smile at my increasing love for sneakers  since I am a diehard fan of heels. In the past, it was difficult for me to find sneakers that aligned with my style or one I considered cute and fashionable enough for me to wear in lieu of heels. While most sneakers are comfortable, I always wanted more than comfort; I wanted sneakers that are comfortable, unique and chic all in one. Now, my sneaker mentality has changed and I am morphing into a "sneaker head"; Yes, I am getting obsessed with sneakers and this newly released Nike Air Max 270 is beyond what I ever imagined in a pair of is a lifestyle! It literally feels like I am walking on air. The comfort of the insole is amazing, and the style is very unique. It's a must-have sneakers! It comes in different colors and you can style it with anything. I have paired it with dresses, colored suits and athleisure styles.

This Nike Air Max 270 fits into my daily style and routine. My everyday life varies with each weekday; from dropping off my son at school before going to work and on scheduled days, going to my Barre and Pilates class. In between work and gym, I might grab a bite with friends and this Nike Air Max 270 sneakers fits into my life-style and it has become my all-purpose pair of shoes where comfort meets style!


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