Friday, June 17, 2016

Nolan Turns 3

birthday boy, janie and jack,
Janie and Jack blazer and jacket (similar pairs here & here) // White button down shirt (here) // Denim shorts via target (here also love this here) // Denim shirt (similar here) // Graphic tee via Zara (also love these here & here) // Converse (here) // Loafers via Janie and Jack (also love this here & here)

Wow… Nolan is three years old today and I am still amazed; it feels like yesterday when he turned one, two and now he is three. God is definitely amazing; I remember vividly when I announced my pregnancy here and my nervousness on becoming a first time mum. This journey as a mum has been wonderful and Nolan has brought nothing but joy and happiness to our family.
The joy of knowing that this 'little man' belongs to me is priceless and words can't explain how much I love him. 

I mentioned on my Instagram two days ago asking him what he wanted for his birthday. While I was not expecting him to say much, my smart cookie responds by saying, "I want cake, balloon and a dump truck". I have no idea where he got the idea of a dump truck but I am sure he will be receiving lots of dump trucks today. ;)

Fun Facts About Nolan

  • Nickname: Nono, Nolly Polly, Nono bobo
  • Food: loves chicken and Cheese pizza
  • Favorite fruit: strawberries...he can eat strawberries all day long
  • Favorite activities: swimming and reading
  • Favorite books: Ilama Ilama Red Pajamas, Pajama Time 


birthday boy, janie and jack,

birthday boy, janie and jack,
birthday boy, janie and jack,
birthday boy, janie and jack,
birthday boy, H&M, zara kids,
birthday boy, H&M, zara kids,
birthday boy, H&M, zara kids,
birthday boy, H&M, zara kids,



Tracy Renee said...

He is a little cutie. Happy Birthday Nolan!

Esther Njeri said...

This is so beautiful, like its very rare to see bloggers make a fun and inspiring post about their children and or husband/ wife.
if and when i become a mum id like to follow in this footsteps
Happy birthday Nolan (such a cutie)
love and love

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, he looks so cute and adorable.

JustPorsh said...

He's sooo adorable!
Happy Birthday to your lil man!

Sindiso Moagi said...

Happy birthday baby Nolan. I feel like the baby title will be a thing of yesterday soon. May the good Lord bless you with many more years to come; and good health and all your parents desire for you. From one of your many aunties on the web back in South Africa

Uches Diaries said...

Aww... I remember all that. Happy Birthday Nolan! He looks so handsome.

'Lara A said...

Happy birthday to the little man...I love this post.

Anonymous said...

i feel so old, because i remember when this young man was in your belly.

Sheyla said...

OMG he is so adorable! Happy birthday Nolan. <3


momma said...

Happy birthday in arrears to adorable, cute Nolan. May God always bless him.:)

momma said...

Mehn! See how big Nolan is! Glory to God.

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