Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lust List: Get Fit

Fitness and exercise gears,

Nike shoes // Bodyism exercise mat set // Yoga leggings // Make up bag // Sports bra // Mesh tank // Water bottle // Shorts // Headphones // Fitbit

The New Year is an opportunity for lifestyle changes and one of my goals this year is eating healthy, staying fit and exercising more. Pilates really helped me during my pregnancy and I also love running. Whether I am running indoors on a treadmill or outside, I understand the importance of great running shoes. My love for fashion makes me desire fabulous fitness wears and gears as there is no harm in looking good while exercising.

For fitness, I also include a 25-30mins HIIT exercise regimen which includes a mix of squats, burpees, mountain climbing, jumping jacks and lunges. It is a quick and intense workout and when my 2 year old is around, he sometimes joins mummy in his own way.

I hope to do more fitness videos like the Pilates video here; don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube page for fun videos in 2016.

More Fitness wear that I love


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momma said...

30 mind workout! I do max 20 but that's mainly because I lose weight easily.
So jumping jacks and jogging on a spot is the only cardio I do. Then abdominal and a little squat.

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