Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve In Pajamas

christmas eve in pajamas,
My pajamas here // Nolan's pajamas here and shoes here or here // hubby's PJ here

Holidays are all about family and this Christmas will not be different. Since Nolan was born, we started a family traditional of wearing festive pajamas on Christmas Eve. I posted last year's picture on Instagram and the year before here. I shop for the PJs and get most of hubby’s and Nolan's from Old Navy and Gap. Most of mine are from Victoria secret, Target or Nordstrom.

This year’s Christmas Eve will be spent wrapping presents and playing Christmas songs (which Nolan enjoys). I play Christmas songs whenever Nolan is around and he has gotten fond of it; I recently asked him what song he wanted to listen to and he yelled 'Christmas song' with a huge smile on his face and a funny dance step. I will try and capture more of those moments on my Snapchat: Jadore-Fashion.

What are your holiday traditions?

Happy Christmas Eve! xo
christmas eve family tradition in pajamas,
christmas eve in pajamas, gap kids, victorias secret,
christmas eve tradition in pajamas, gap kids, victorias secret,
christmas eve family tradition in pajamas, gap kids, victorias secret,


Esther Ivy said...

Beautiful family.x

Jenn said...

When all's said and done, Christmas is def the best spent in pajamas :)

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Ronlet Lovejoy said...

such a beautiful family!! happy holidays dear! xx

momma said...

Merry Christmas Stella and everyone!
Nolan was actually enjoying himself in these pictures...smiles and laughter with reckless abandon -adorbs.

I haven't got any holiday traditions yet.

Girly said...

amazin family photos!!! Stella, merry xmas to ur family, dear;))) xoxo <3

Talking with Tami said...

So cute, love the jammies!

Anonymous said...

Love it

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