Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lust List: Coats & Capes

Lust List: Coats & Capes

Unable to decide on a single coat or cape, I am presenting this week’s lust list as a compilation of my current cravings. The variety, styles and price range will appeal to everyone.  

I currently love "robe coats" which I sometimes view as refined bathroom coats - oversized and comfy. Some of the robe coats on my list include this camel coat, whose neutral color makes it versatile. This burgundy coat will add color to any winter style and the pastel and light blue versions are equally great.

This formal pair of capes will be great for work...definitely a great investment for one’s fall wardrobe. Other cape options include this plaid pair and colored pair.

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Felicia Rodrigues dos Santos said...

Wauw, great post! There are so many capes that I want to have from you article haha.

Love, Felicia


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