Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stella's Lust List: Fall Essentials

Lust List: Fall Essential

Hello September! It cannot be denied that fall is around the corner. A few days ago, I found myself searching for a light jacket to wear at night as it was cold. It is definitely time to start gathering fall essentials.

Above are a few of my fall essentials, which includes a pleated skirt like the Asos midi skirt...best paired with a light blue shirt or off white shirt.  I also would not mind spending a "Casual Friday" wearing this leather sweat pants and oxfords - a perfect fall Friday!

What are your fall essentials?




ann usman said...

that cape is beautiful
i have a thing for capes


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

love the camel coat vest!

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Vivi N. said...

Great choices. I'm feening for a trench vest right now.

Jewel Laura said...

That Manolo tho? soo gorgeous! great picks, stella!

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