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Stella's Lust List: Beauty Edition

Stella's Lust List: Beauty Edition

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I am not a genius when it comes to choosing the best skin products. I always experiment hoping to find a perfect match. In the past, I have shared the products I use on a daily basis and I still look out for newer ones to try. I have a very oily skin and during the summer and in warm tropical areas, it becomes very visible.

Over the years, I have learnt some tips to maintain a healthy skin. The following usually work for me

  1. Drink up: I haven’t been a huge fan of soda, coffee etc as such, I always carry a bottle of water with me. At work, this helps me remain hydrated so please, drink up. Water is great for your skin.
  2. SPF: Years ago, my mom taught me the importance of always applying SPF moisturizers. Over the years, I have been using Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer and it has been great for my skin. I also heard great reviews about La Mer (a little pricey)…if you have used it, what do you think?
  3. Exercise: Exercising for me is to stay fit while maintaining good health. After having my baby, I have tried to maintain a three days exercise schedule which includes running, cardio and taking long walks.
  4. Diet: Eating healthy reflects heavily on my skin. I don’t obsess about calorie counts neither am I a food junkie. I try to include veggies and fruits in my daily meal plan. Lately, I have been eating lots of bananas, broccoli and mangoes. I craved mangoes a lot during my pregnancy and I am surprised that I still like it.
  5. Rest: This might be hard for many folks including my fellow working moms. However, a good sleep pattern is important for skin health. The more rested I am, the healthier my skin appears to be. I have observed that on days when I am so busy, stressed out with little sleep, my skin starts breaking out. I try as much as possible to rest so please get your beauty sleep!

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What products do you use and what are your beauty regime?


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Beauty said...

Nice information. It would be nice too if you could do a video on your manicure and pedicure procedure and tips; like how often you get them done.

I literally went through all your blog posts and found out that you always have cute and impeccable mani and pedi in all your pics..:-)

Have a great weekend.

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