Sunday, November 3, 2013


I am constantly looking for baby items for Nolan. Right now, baby gap is one of my favorite places to shop for him. Last week, I posted a picture of Nolan wearing this gap checkered shirt on my instagram…love it! Another thing that I can't stop loving is my 4moms stroller. The best way to describe it is, technology meets fashion. With one push of a button, it unfolds itself. I also love that it has phone charging outlet. 
As Nolan is getting closer to the stage where he will start sitting on his own, I am current craving the fresco bloom high chair and it comes it different colors ;) 

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Have a wonderful day!



7eventh Letter said...

He will be so fly in these items! Very nice pics!!!

7eventh Letter

Janyl Benyl said...

It has a phone charging outlet?
That's so cool :)

Promote Music Online said...

Well the stroller seems bit expensive!

Skinny said...

OMG!! I love the sweater overalls, plaid pants, onesie (however it's spelt) and the dress❤❤

josie renee said...

That stroller sounds UNREAL! So awesome. We bought the bugaboo which has its pros and cons but this 4moms stroller sounds like a dream come true.

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