Friday, October 18, 2013

What To Wear: Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

JCrew pants (here) // Top (similar here) // Jimmy Choo anouk pumps (here) // JCrew necklace (here) // Essie nail polish (here) // Saint Laurent Y clutch (here) // Anne Klein watch (here)

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Have a great weekend!



Rocks Paper Metal said...

Love the necklace! It looks great with the outfit!

Beckerman Girls said...

I LOVE this color palette! OBSESSED with the pink pants and the rose gold jewelry! BEautiFUL!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Anonymous said...

Stella, I have a few questions for you and I really hope to get your opinion. I've been an RN for a few months now in a hospital (day shift 7am-7pm, 3 days a week) but I really wanna go back to school for some prerequisites in order to study something else. My questions are; did you work in a hospital right after nursing school? If yes, which shift and how many days a week? Seems like many people believe that nurses need bedside true is that? How did you combine nursing with getting your MBA? Do you still work as a nurse? If not as a nurse, do you enjoy your new job/miss nursing?

Am sorry for all these questions but I really need an opinion of someone who's been there, done that. Looking forward to your response and congrats to your new baby. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picks. Love everything.



Mz CocoH said...

Those pink pants look so haute! Very cozy and classy ensemble. Super chic!


Sabrina said...

Great set!Love the jumper and the Essie nail polish!

Jadore-Fashion said...

@Anonymous: Yes, I worked the 7a-7p shift, 3 days a week. Working and doing the might not be easy, but it is doable. If you plan to continue in the direction of nursing, it is good to have a little of experience especially if you just graduated from nursing school because nursing school and real world is a bit different.

I don't currently work as a bedside nurse or actually nursing job. I am working with my MBA. I enjoyed nursing at the moment. I love my current direction/job...being able to apply a bit of health, management, business and finance.

Hope I answered all your questions. You can email me for further questions here: stella[@]jadore-fashion[dot]com

Thanks for the wishes


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your selction!

Anonymous said...

Those pumps are everything! Love!


I like the grey+pink combo!


Anonymous said...

Stella, thanks a lot for your reply. I have two more questions for now if you don't Was your scheduled fixed (e.g did you work MON, TUES, WED every week) or was it any 3 days of the week? Mine is any 3 days of the week and am not sure how to combine it with school since the days am scheduled may be the days am supposed to be in school. Did your Nurse Manager make provisions for you in your schedule knowing that you were in school? Am thinking of speaking to my Nurse Manager soon about it. Take care.

Amanda L said...

Love this outfit so much!

middysfashionsite said...

nice ensemble i love the crop top more

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